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Friday, May 29, 2009

Not even a linchpin

Up on Council Crest, the hoi polloi have a new neighbor.

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All it needs is an aerial tram.

Why do so many people in Portland think everything built needs to be "artistic" which almost always costs way more. Just build something that is cost effective and safe!


Better break out the dictionary - Hoi polloi?

how do you "beautify" a radio tower?

how do you "beautify" a radio tower?


Beauty - perhaps - but at least they can charge 5 Euros per visitor!

Let's consider the source of the complaint about the tower. The same fellow who brings us this:


Personally, after 50+ plus years, I still enjoy seeing the relative distances between the Council Crest tower and the Healy Heights towers and the Barnes Road towers from various points throughout the region. Always comforting when "coming home" to see them on the horizon. Some people just like to whine a lot.

The hoi polloi--as in the common people? In Council Crest?

The royalty is in Dunthorpe, people.

The Stuttgart Tower is more than a radio tower. I'm sure the environmentalist, Healy Heights, Council Crest neighbors would love a large parking lot, the traffic, and all the other commotion like Stuttgart's. I guess we could continue commercializing our parks like Jack notes about Portland's Waterfront Park. Heck, stick a Rose on top of the tower to make it beautiful.

Perhaps we should turn back the clock and return an amusement park to the top of Council Crest, with streetcars to ferry the hoi polloi to it.

PMG has a pretty good idea. The view was a lot better then.

PMG, I had the same thought. Herewith, more:


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