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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keepin' it weird

Portland public life just gets more and more bizarre. Who knows what this latest chapter is really about?

Just a month to go before what we hope will be the beginning of the end of an era of supreme foolishness. What a waste of a once-great small city.

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More evidence that the powers that be who back Adams are pulling out all the stops to keep this kid away from the media to keep further "details" out of the public realm. It's really hard to imagine that Sam's hands didn't wander a little during that one minute "kiss" in the men's room. What guy (or gal) doesn't get a little feely during a passionate kiss that lasts for an entire minute? If he touched any "sexual" part of Breedlove's body during the encounter (buttocks included)then you have a Class A sex abuse misdemeanor under ORS 163.415.

Hmmmm. Sounds as though maybe Kroger has gotten Breedlove (or another key witness) to cooperate and now Breedlove's flippin' out. Probably regrets something he said to Walth once upon a time. Tick tick tick....

Or, he was "mentored" by Scam Adams as to how to stay in the spotlight for as long as possible, no matter how or why.


Now comes a restraining order from someone without boundaries. Are you getting it now? You can't have it both ways, son.


Ahhh, buy Sam a drink, and get his dog one, too!

It gets sadder every day.Of couse Sam touched the kids private parts. Who is kidding who here. Resign you fool. Stop destroying my city

Apparently the judge denied his request for an R.O. after a 5 minute hearing. Boy, that was sure a big surprise.

I wonder if Charlie Hinkle is still representing Breedlove. I doubt he would want to sue a client.

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