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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hypothetical questions

A lot of the discussion of Mayor Creepy's problems has circled around to the question "What if he were straight and did that?" Today WW asks, "What if he were black and did that?"

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Maybe if another investigation were to find he did not pay some taxes he would have to resign!

Foxworth had it way worse. Down with Sam

Need a lawyer here, but without one I'll try a legal distinction. Foxworth, a great guy by all accounts, was getting sued by an employee in his bureau. I think if the city did nothing to punish his behavior, it would have appeared to be condoning it. I would guess that would open the city to a bigger payoff.
Beau didn't sue, and did not work for the city. But I am guessing it would take a whole new chapter of law to figure out if the city council has an obligation to protect the city's interests in case there is a suit by somehow -- how? -- punishing the mayor. They can't demote him.

What's amazing about this article is that it never mentions WW's own role in taking down Derrick Foxworth, publishing one side of what was apparently an email exchange, the side that obviously served the interests of the party who supplied it. I'm sure anyone who's ever been an unhappy ex can imagine how useful it would be to have a newspaper's assistance in exacting revenge. Actual journalists would resist.

"Actual journalists would resist."

Not since Clinton they wouldn't. Note how the White House press of Kennedy's era is now considered an accomplice in his hanky-panky.
Those "sexist pigs" (well, not Helen Thomas I guess) went by the standard of the day. Times have changed.

I would just hope that come July (if Creepy is still mayor) the Black community is out gathering signatures with the equally outraged white community.

I would just hope that come July (if Creepy is still mayor) the Black community is out gathering signatures with the equally outraged white community.

Mayor Creepy sees that coming and will redouble his efforts to solidify support in among members of the black community who are uneasy supporting an openly gay mayor.

He's probably in discussions right now to direct a couple of public contracts to influential members of the black community.

if the AA community does rise up against sam he is (finally) done for sure...no way can the liberals who are still supporting him stand to be called racist...

As much as I don't care for Lars Larson, he hit the nail on the head today.

"What if he were black and did that"

He would be a creepy black mayor instead of a creepy white mayor.

"As much as I don't care for Lars Larson, he hit the nail on the head today"

Maybe, but it seemed like grandstanding to me. A little like when the Iraqi threw his shoe at Bush. You could argue it was deserved, but it didn't make me feel good inside.

Maybe, but it seemed like grandstanding to me. A little like when the Iraqi threw his shoe at Bush. You could argue it was deserved, but it didn't make me feel good inside.

given that the only way to actually speak at the Mayor is in a City Council meeting, I don't see many alternatives.

and now, he claims he "can't speak" about the events. of *course* he can--he's just choosing not to, on the advice of his attorney.

what utter cowardice and arrogance.

What if he were a Republican US Senator and did that?

Oh, wait...

Same old, same old....right?

Gibby, are you uncomfortable because it was Lars Larson or because it was the only arena that the public can air its grievances on a distateful subject?

"What if he were black and did that?"

Well, for one thing, the "AA community" would NOT be "rallying 'round the flagpole"




To answer the question, an apples to apples comparison is needed.

Tom Potter, as mayor, demoted Derrick Foxworth. Would Tom Potter demote Sam Adams (if he could)?
It does not take too much conjecture to say yes. Under that scenario, there would be no double standard.

Would Sam Adams, as Mayor, have demoted Derrick Foxworth? We do not know, but if a double standard existed, it would be found in the answer to that question.

The political context cannot be removed from the logic of the equation.

Do Portland High Schools even teach logic anymore?

This is more about process than it is race - although I won't deny that the latter probably had some influence.

Foxworth went down because a process was readily available that Potter could employ to make it happen. Adams remains in office because, short of a felony conviction, the only process available to take him down (recall) takes six months to even get started. And Goldschmidt remains free from incarceration only because the only process available to convict him of felony rape is undermined by the statute of limitations.

It's not much more complicated than that, folks.

We all just have to wait 6 months to de elect him. Too bad for the rest of the city agenda. By then he will likely be indicted, so it should be a rather simple recall election. Derrick was a great guy who got taken down by shameless reporting standards at WW, and a vindictive ex lover who had an attorney leak the garbage for personal gain. He was a truly admirable public servant, that did not deserve the public humiliation that WW foisted upon him. Sam, on the other hand used a lie to attack the messenger who actually spoke the truth. That is the reprehensible conduct that merits his recall.

Speaking of double standards:


MOUNT ANGEL, Ore. -- A judge sentenced a former Mount Angel teacher to jail Monday for sexual abuse involving a student at his school.

No jail time was included in Colby Molan's deal that had him pleading guilty to third-degree sex abuse, but the judge put him behind bars anyway.

Judge Timothy Alexander looked at Molan and told him he got a tough draw behind the bench.

The judge told Molan he has a particularly harsh view of sex offenders and people who abuse positions of authority.

The judge said he was sending Molan to jail for six months, adding that he has no patience for child abusers.

Even though jail wasn't part of the plea bargain Molan agreed to, judges have the last say regarding sentencing. Plea deals are only a recommendation to the judge.

Molan was accused of having sex with an 18-year-old student at his school numerous times as well as kissing and fondling a 14-year-old student...

Yes, maybe a recall is the only way to finally remove Adams. But why can't Council and/or the City Attorney have an investigation now concerning whether Adams has breached any City standards, conduct regs?

That doesn't mean that for anyone calling for such is implying they think he might be guilty of any transgressions. Other city employees who have had questionable conduct, unproven but with possible merit in the charges, have been investigated.

Sam deserves equitable treatment like other city employees. Council and the City Attorneys office are opening themselves to future legal and financial problems if they don't treat issues equitably.

this is not about sexual orientation, it is about honesty and ethics. I don't give a hoot about the personal relationship. The truth of the matter is young gay men are more sexually sophisticated than straight males or females, because thy have had to deal with the ambiguity of life's signature. Sam tried to do two things at once that you cannot do, regardless of whether it is with a women or male.

"... I don't care for Lars Larson, he hit the nail on the head ..." with a limp larynx.

Really, LIARS has gone monotone and milquetoast bland, since about mid-January as a strong sense of movement developed showing Rash Lamebrain-ers are sinking and Fairness Doctrine hearings are rising.

Day after day, more antagonizing callers harass LIARS on-air; (seems as though they are the only callers, as fewer of the old gang of 'regulars' call anymore).

A week ago LIARS was foaming at the mouth saying how hard he would beat the Mayor with 'public testimony' to resign! in shame!. Then LIARS low-key aired the tape of his 'testimony,' afterwards, and he sounded thin-voiced and scared pale outside of his boom-mic bunker, exposed in public, awed by august Council Chambers. No caller said he sounded effective. Actually, no caller mentioned the taped talk at all.

Compared to earlier overdone testosterone rages, LIARS sounds drugged-out and placid since Bush absconded and abandoned him and the hate-talkers hung out twisting in the wind.

Still, there's a lot of worthwhile discussion pursuant to the topic:
What if he were a woman and did that?
What if he were an illegal alien and did that?
What if he were a Republican and did that?
What if he were in a corporate office and did that?
What if he were in France or Brazil or Saudi Arabia and did that?
What if somebody had died because he did that?
What if there was a victim of doing that?
What if Willamette Week finds out TV station employees do that?

It seems that one difference between Adams and Foxworth is that one is an elected officeholder and one is a hired employee.

Tensk: I see more similarity between Adams and Foxworth in your equation. Both are employees of CoP, and both paid for by taxpayers. The method of hiring is the only difference.

That kind difference isn't much different than comparing a hire that follows the normal standards for hiring in CoP to those who are hired by very select hiring criteria so that only one person is eligible to be hired-friend, associate, backscratcher, paybackee, relative, same politics)

I take your point, lw ... and I don't. Like, in the devil's details, about "method of hiring." One teeny tiny 'difference' thing: Persons standing for election take a lot of gruff and 'gotcha' as a public punching bag, but they (I think) don't have to take a drug test. 'Hires' do, eh?

How 'bout we level the playing field? and so, in public service, cancel pre-employment drug tests evermore. all-y' all-y' out's in free. Eh?

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