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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Compared to what?

Sam Adams says that by staying on as Portland's mayor, he'll be bringing the city "at least six to nine months of relative stability."

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"Out" is where Sam needs to be...out of office/City Hall.

Keep the pressure on....he's gotta go.

That might be the non-interview of the year. Let's see if I can sum it up:

"Wah, I'm still a victim. *I* tried to decide what's best for Portland--and it's me! All the important details? Sorry, can't talk about them."

...My first priority was what’s best for the city. And my second priority was "what am I up for," what do I "have the energy for." "In the end," I can offer at least six to nine months...

I mean, is it just me? Or can anyone honestly read a quote from this guy anymore without automatically seeing double-entendres sticking out? Oops, my bad!

"six to nine months..."

Would that be the estimated time for Kroger to complete his investigation, or the amount of time until the recall petition is certified?

Shades of the Washington Post upstaging The Oregonion Advertiser in outing Bob Packwood.

He needs to resign.

"at least six to nine months of relative stability."

He means for him.

What else?

What Scoutmaster Sam meant to say was:

" I need to collect 6 to 9 more paychecks and build up my criminal defense fund, as I dont't have a pot to piss in..."

No Chicken Hawks Allowed

Resign Now

"And I’m not allowed to say anything. It’s under investigation." Was Sam "gagged" by a LGBTR Judge or other LGBT official?

More like 6 to 9 months to pay down his credit cards.

Here's my strategy: I'm going to withhold my unpaid MultCo. property taxes until either...

A). Ted Wheeler publicly asks the Mayor to tender his resignation,


B). Mayor Adams resigns.


As much as I'd like to see it, I would be willing to bet that not only will Adams not resign, but six months, nine months, twelve months, two years...four years from now, there will not be sufficient signatures gathered to justify a recall election against Adams.

C'mon...how many nanoseconds do American voters, much less Oregon voters, or even less, Portland voters, remember things they need to remember?

Not many.

Dear God this guy is full of himself. I have no clue of what he has done in his 20+ years besides heling his friends with theater companies and condo developers.

He's making this place sound like the Berlin after the war now. I'll give hium credit, he knows the typical voter is pretty stupid in this town.

Roy Kaufmann - STrrrike One !



That's it folks.
Boycott downtown Portland till he goes.

Let's just boycott the tram and trolleys. Or steal rides on the transit system. The local merchants need our business dollars.
Portland even made this week's Time Magazine! We are a laughing stock.
Sam must go!!!

What you are witnessing is the birth of the meme. He probably has polling that proves he can't win the "Lying pedofile mayor, Yes or No?" vote, but he might, if he plays his cards right and is very lucky, win the "Steady as she goes, or What's behind door number 3?" vote.

Get your hip waders and a bleach bucket ready. It can only get stinkier from here.

Read the Out interview. Sam forgot to remind them about his attack on Bob Ball, I guess. But perhaps a gay audience would not be interested in that part of the story.

We need Sam to stay!! More trams and less school days! More Trolleys and less cop patrols! Hopefully he can move the Sauvie Bridge to downtown!! That is what we need now, not the essentials. Hang in there, we love all of your GREAT ideas!!

Is Sam getting close to a retirement benefit point where being a public employee another few months or more gains him a significant increase in money/benefits?

Most of his adult life (16 years in CoP) has been working on the taxpayer's dime. He might be reaching a milestone.

Besides his narcissistic, "I'm indispensable" needs, could it be the money?

Someone pointed out today that what most of Sam's "supporters" seem to think is that he's the only one who can do his job. Boy what a load that is. I'll bet there are at least 15-20 people who post on this board that could easily do a better job. Just resign Sam, before the voters come after you!

If "relative stability" means six to nine months of daily disclosures about more misconduct or questionable judgment, I'd like to know Samadams' definition of instability.


What a jerk, he needs to go now!

He is hoping that Portlanders will forget about this in six months, he may be right, but still, he's a predator and needs to go.
Portlanders better wake up, he lied, and continued to lie even after being confronted. We don't need any more lying politicans, we already have plenty.

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