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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Newsweek on Adams scandal

Their coverage is more about how the Oregonian got beat to yet another major story.

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The biggest surprise in that story was that the "O" is a "nationally acclaimed daily paper". I had no idea.

"The Oregonian has acknowledged that the Adams story has presented editors with 'tricky questions,' as Managing Editor Therese Bottomly put it in a Jan. 26 blog post. Adams's boyfriend, Peter Zuckerman, is a reporter at The Oregonian, and an attorney who sometimes represents the paper has spoken publicly against the press coverage of Adams and has recently taken on Breedlove as a client. The mayor's spokesman, who quit his job without explanation the day Adams returned to Portland, is also a former Oregonian reporter."

I still miss the Oregon Journal. The wrong paper folded in 1982.

I love the condescending compliment from Sandy Rowe: "Nigel has built quite a reputation with sex scandal stories, and deservedly so. He is dogged and very good at that genre."

Well, sex scandals aren't the only stories the Oregonian's been scooped on.

Rowe's back-handed compliment jumped out at me as well.

Real classy.

If this story is beneath the Oregonian, as Rowe likes to imply, why did they jump on it after Jaquiss broke it.

If that's the integrity (maturity) level at the top of the organization, it's no wonder ... ...


I totally agree about Sandy Rowe's back-handed compliment to Nigel. Totally classless and very passive aggressive.

I also appreciated Nigel's comments about the tendency toward groupthink and not questioning political orthodoxies in Portland.

Too bad Charlie Hinkle got such shabby treatment... not even a mention as a good lawyer, no name, nothing. For a publicity hound he must be rather bummed out.

Every day I get more impressed with the local news. The Mercury is a training ground for Sam's staff and The O hires his friends and family.

Zero credibility - I wouldn't use it to warp my dead fish.

"The biggest surprise in that story was that the "O" is a "nationally acclaimed daily paper". I had no idea."

hell yes, acclaimed by perverted politicians nationwide...

I raised the question earlier on when this all broke....Newsweek alludes to it...what/how much, did Anna know, and when did she know it? Sounds like the "good ol's takin' care of the good ol's" at the O?

Nkrumah....Zuckerman...Griffin...just sayin'....but somebody oughta look at the makeup of the staff at the O. CYA (and with Sam, you'd better). Takin' care of their own.

Ya had to be there....I'm watching KGW 10 pm news...Joe Donlon promo-ing their "exclusive" Boy Beau interview....coming up Saturday on "straight talk"!!!!!

Ya can't make stuff like this up. Too fun-neeeeeee!

Like I care what Beau Boy has to say about anything! It's like listening to "Joe the Plumber".

sex scandals aren't the only stories the Oregonian's been scooped on

That's another aspect of Rowes comment that is pretty disturbing. Despite what Rowe would like to assert with her comment, the Goldschmidt story wasn't really a "sex scandal" was it?

It was about the mayor having sex with his 14-year-old babysitter. But for the statute of limitations, the guy would be a felon.

The editor of the Oregonian still doesn't get it. That's pretty revealing.

Whoops. This would be more accurate ...

"It was about the mayor committing statutory rape of his 14-year-old babysitter. But for the statute of limitations, the guy would be a felon."

When I quit buying and quit reading The O, and started activating for everyone to BOYCOTT the Newspaper, I realized it would be the demise of the Newspaper.

And I didn't like that because I like(d) newspapers ... in theory.

But I also realized it would be the demise of the people working there who, privately and greedily, get quasi-rich and quasi-famous -- nominated to Boards of Directors, Trustees of Endowments, Organizations of Do-Gooder Do Nothings tax-free, Conveners of Ineffectuals Kept Ignorant -- and I like(d) ... uh, giggle glEEfully sure to see those people dropped flat splat on their sidewalk LIE-vending boxes. Elite sicko's, corrupted elitely.

After all, bankrupting The O is not going to be the end of Newspapers in this town -- a replacement will pop into existence to fill the void.

It is not even the end of the Free Press. Indeed, it might be the birth of one.

My personal gut-puking anecdote: As The O went all Cheerleading phony LIES against Saddam; and as Bush went pushing his trillion dollar Military Mania -- OUR trillion PUBLIC dollars -- around the oil lands; I went to lunch with a friend I trusted on the top floor of 1320 Broadway. And I said, (in April 2003), "There are NO WMDs in Iraq." And the reply was, (repeating The O water-cooler 'joke'), "Well they better plant some there, quick."

Hey, how 'bout them 4000 funerals and graves ?!?! ... that are NEVER in the Newspaper and NEVER on TV ... and NEVER return home to their kids ....

But, y'know, we gotta have that powermad SUV go-juice. Hummers!, baby, FLICK all the dead bodies.

Well now, to be fair (I know that's hard when it is so much fun calling names), the tip about Beau went to about half a dozen media points. It would be fun to know how each one responded -- whether they did nothing, did something, were about to do something, threw the tip away because they liked Sam? All we hear about is the O (with considerable justification, I grant) but not the others.

I'm impressed that neither Time nor Newsweek allowed themselves to be played by Adams' flaks. Bravo.

So it was Tenskey that finally brought the Big O to its knees?

Could you go after the New York Times next?

If the Scoutmaster and Beaulita think they can game the AG's office, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

This just goes to show everyone what a sorry excuse for a daily newspaper the Oregonian really is.

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