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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buck-a-Hit Day VI is next Wednesday

It's time to start planning for Buck-a-Hit Day, our annual holiday gift-giving blowout on this blog. This will be our sixth year of doing this, and a most unusual year it is. Given the tanking of the economy, the need for charity has never been greater, and yet people's ability to chip in has never been so lousy. Should be interesting.

Hard times be darned -- we'll still give a buck to charity for everyone who visits here next Wednesday, December 17, up to a limit of $1,000, just like last year. We'll also have a hat out for readers to throw money into, and with any luck our benefactors who have matched reader contributions in past years will be back to do it again. (You folks know who you are; please drop me a line if you can return to that role!)

We'll also run our annual comment contest, in which the reader who leaves the best comment relating to the season (chosen by reader vote) will get to steer part of the contributions to a charity of his or her choice. More details as we get closer.

Last year we raised $4,851.05 on Buck-a-Hit Day. It will be tough getting to that level again this year, but let's hope the spirit of the season makes it happen. Even if you're too broke to donate, all you have to do to participate is show up here again next Wednesday, as early in the day as you can make it. By visiting this site, you'll separate me from a dollar and send it to a good cause.

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Dearest Jack,
I'd like to make a plea for Hands on Greater Portland, a non-profit that steers volunteers to other non-profits that need help. Check it out: www.handsonportland.org. Now, while folks are really struggling, the need for volunteers is growing exponentially. Hands On's projects range from sending volunteers to the Oregon Food Bank, the Warming Centers, and serving meals at various places around the city. I hope you'll consider sharing your fundraising bounty with them.


"It will be tough getting to that level again this year,..."

You are kidding right?
Just get the Palin Pregnancy photo thing going agin!

Maybe we can get twice as many people to give and get the same or better for a total!
come on people! it's the holiday season!!

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