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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sten seat election date is still in play

Apparently the special election for Portland City Council will be held whenever Sam the Tram says.

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what the heck??? A really bad bad idea.

Obviously, Sam has been studying at the Tom Potter school of collegiality.

Fish should go after the big seat. Give Adams a run. At least a three-way race ought to force a runoff.

I agree with Zeb, and would even put money in it. Adams continues to show an utter lack of even the appearance of competence, and this nonsense about postponing the special election is outrageous -- a thumb on the scales of the process. I'm glad Adams has an opponent in Sho Dozono, but I wish he had a better one.

Sam is the Seabstian Telfair of local government -- he should have gone to college.

The first of many edicts his majesty will issue for us, the commoners. We should all just bask in his greatness.

Should Sten abstain from the vote?

He already "voted" by strategically picking the effective date for his resignation.

Seabstian Telfair

I had to look it up. Thought it was some obscure literary reference I should know about. It fits nicely. This all seems like an exercise in student government. Where is the principal when you need her?


Sam the Tram is now the Sam the Dictator.

Isn't this the kind of crap someone like Chavez would try to pull in Venezuela?

Why doesnt Sam just declare himself commissioner-for-life and save us the suspense.

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