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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Honey, who's watching the kids?

I hate it when this kind of thing happens.

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Now on the financial side, wouldn't they be ahead if she stayed home and he boinked here there? But I suppose if she had more customers then her husband, they would be have more income. But still you have to figure in the houses cut. I'm thinkin if they would have just played "Ho" and "who'se your daddy?" at home, it would be a whole lot less trouble.

He could still pay her.

There's a great line in "Cool Hand Luke" that covers this.

Are they getting divorced because she was leading a secret life as a prostitute, or because he went to a brothel looking to pay for sex?

I give! What was the line in Cool Hand Luke??

Strother Martin's admonition, "What we have here is a failure ...to communicate"

It became a slogan for that generation.

Still works, if you rely on the big "O" for info.

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