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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Here's a mom who doesn't put up with much.

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When my sons did stupid stuff-both at the age of 17 they lost their driving privleges until they could 1. pay for their own insurance and 2. buy their own car. That meant they didin't drive again until they were 20. I probably saved their lives and other lives too.
If more parents did what this mother did there would be less accidents caused by young drivers. Teenagers brains aren't fully developed and quite frankly between that and hormones kids shouldn't be driving until they are 18.

Wow, what a great mom she is! She likely saved her kid from a DUI or from killing himself or another driver. Good for her (and for Kathe W, who posted above) for having the guts to stand up to their kids. And I agree that kids should not be able to drive until they are 18. They just don't have the judgment to be operating a vehicle on the public roadways.

When our kids got licensed I told them the license belongs to me and if they got one accident or ticket I picked up their license. Never had a problem..she is a great mom.

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