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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our next President

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McCain is only reminding us that America is an empire.

If Clinton is the other nominee, then McCain's answer will be the same as hers. She won't being taking American Imperial power out of Europe, Asia and now the Middle East either. If you think otherwise, then you don't understand the concept of Establishment Candidates.

He is also speaking the truth. (Kinda refreshing, eh?)

Once in Iraq, we are in it for the long haul. Not 175,000 troops deep, no. But our stay (with 10s of thousands of troops) is measured in decades, not yrs or months, as the KOS crowd would like to believe. And I say that holds true if Gore, Kerry, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, or even Nader (much less, any R) were elected President. In fact, I do say that there is only one thing that would get the US out of Iraq in less than a decade: if they run out of oil.

It is the oil, of course. The problem is, the oil really is a matter of national security. We lose it and just about anybody can kick our ass, and it seems more and more people want to. And it will take decades to get off of it. I want off so bad I am now thinking nuclear power might actually be a good interim idea between now and workable solar.

Nice Old Guy --

There is more oil off the coast of Oregoan than in ANWR and its far more easily eacable.

You want US less dependent on foreign oil, start drilling off Canon Beach tomorrow.

Pebble bed nukes are a great idea but its 15 years to get one built. Coastal oil is a two year lead time if we get serious.

(And look at all those good jobs going into Coos Bay and Astoria).

And if you are serious about reducing oil consumption, address the explosion of illegal aliens coming into Oregon.

Public policy gets to be a series of very tough choices when it involves actual decision making and action, rather than mere sloganeering.

Those choices are often counter to the conventional wisdom and Oregon's all too precious political correctness.

McCain/Lieberman... now there's a ticket that inspires and excites the masses. Masses of insurance/fiance lobbyists, CEOs, hawks, and defense contractors, that is.

If those chuckleheads get elected, we're screwed.

"And if you are serious about reducing oil consumption, address the explosion of illegal aliens coming into Oregon."


What the hell does addressing the explosion of illegal aliens coming into Oregon have to do with oil? Seriously? You actually believe that illegal aliens are causing are oil consumption to go up some measurable amount? Wow, what did you smoke today?

Exploding illegal aliens cause burning of oil. Everybody knows this.

Reminds me of the time on The Hollywood Squares when they asked Paul Lind: "The United States is the world's largest consumer of oil. Who is the second largest?" His answer: "Trini Lopez."

WTF Do illegal aliens cause our oil consumption to go down? What about are carbon footprint? What about sprawl

Small cesium reactors buried in our house foundations will take care of our household needs (including charging up the batteries on the cars of those of us who can live with hybrid vehicles).

I think this country is ready for a female president but Hilary Clinton is not the one. I hope she will inspire more women to run for office but there is way to much at stake to elect this woman that everyone is SKEPTICAL about. I think she pushes the female issue because women around the world will respond to it.(SHE IS JUST CAMPAIGNING THATS WHAT THEY DO. SYA THINGS THAT WILL APPEAL TO VOTERS.) That's not a reason to elect someone. This is the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT ELECTION. We don't need someone who just wants her name in history. I think she is just trying to pave the way for little Chelsea (WHo has been campaigning for mommy already) to be president someday. How can we have so many smart people around this country (Doctors, Lawyers, Investors, Teachers, Astronauts, Economists, etc.) But we're so dumb when comes to placing a vote to elect OUR PRESIDNET. This is the most important job in the world let's get it right this time PLEEEEEEASE!!!!

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