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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

State grand jury in Emilie Boyles case

It looks as though somebody took my suggestion this morning to follow up on the state criminal investigation into the Emlie Boyles signature fiasco: The O's reporting that there's going to be a grand jury convened on the subject within the next few weeks.

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Yeah, so, will Golovan try to flip on Oy?

Haven't heard much from old Vladimir lately. Is he still around?

I guess we'll find out, since the grand jury is convening to consider charges against him. Hey... maybe that Florida cell phone number is his. ;)

Wasn't Golovan working on the mayor's visioning stuff? I thought I'd heard that.

Just want to remind everyone, AGAIN, that the city didn't uncover the fraud. Those signatures got past Blackmer, Francois et al. It was Anna Griffin at the "O" who uncovered the fraud.

Anna, go and get a CPA in the next four years so you can run for auditor!

The way this city is working we need auditors coming out of every stick of wood, BUT independent.

Mr. Lister, you are correct. Dr. Golovan was involved in Mayor Potter's Vision planning process. I hope that the Department of Justice conducts a REAL investigation of his actions - the result would be a great example for the Slavic folks he allegedly defrauded that this country operates a bit differently than places they came from.

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