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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

One down, 81 to go

The Blazers won their regular season opener tonight -- on the road, no less. The dudes from Portland beat Seattle (soon to be Oklahoma) and are officially in first place in their division.

Kinky Zach Randolph scored 30 points, and Brandon Roy had 20. I hope we're using the phrase "rookie sensation" about Roy before too long.

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I hate to get all giddy, goofey and overly enthusiastic and all of that rot, but these guys were FUN to watch. I can't remember the last time I saw the Blazers come back 10 down late in the game like that. In addition to the 20 points, Brandon Roy also played great defense against Ray Allen. Zach looked great and was pretty much unstoppable in one on one situations. Sure the Sonics went on runs here and there, but Nate did a great job of switching out the line up to get us back in the game. This win had nothing to do with luck, and if these guys play this good every night we have a whole new team on our hands folks.

Dear 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus,

Please let this team be for real.

It was a really fun game to watch. It was also great to see Outlaw playing smarter basketball and Jack holding the point. Good game from Dixon too. Really provided a spark at some crucial times. The last thing I want to see happen to this team is Darius Miles.

The Blazers are offering their cheap seats for $4/game this season. I *may* have to look into that.

The best part is, the Sonics didn't give it away... the Blazers just ripped it out of their hands. I'll never forget the stunned and worried looks on the Sonics' faces during the last few minutes... they knew they were going toe-to-toe with a rabid dog.

Objectively, Zach looks like a dominant All-Star with very few opponents who can take his game away. He's nasty again near the basket as well, passes out of double teams better, and has benefitted from the upgrades at every position.

Most amazing? It was a team effort... you can't simply single out Roy or Zach because nearly everyone had a good game. What a heartening win that was.

The biggest question mark was Pryzbilla. He has been a ghost throughout the preseason and last night as well. Hate to say it, but he's almost disposable.

I wonder if the $4 deal will continue if the Blazers keep winning games like this. The front office can change prices on a whim, right? No league rules about midseason rate changes?

Well, it was the Sonics, which are pretty much a mess and not as well-coached as they were two years ago. That said, I gotta say I'm just as giddy as the rest of you. And this local kid Udoka, wow, those to rebounds and free throws in the final minutes showed a lot of class. When Darius starts to feel healthy again, we need to find Jeff Giloolly (sp?) or actually someone more competent to, uh, cause another setback for him.

Jared Jack could develop into a Terry Porter kind of point guard and that would ge a great thing.

Does Darius Miles have to be the asterisk to every positive comment about the Blazers? He's a non-issue at this point, except for the salary he's taking up. He'll be injured for a long time, he's not around the team, they're doing fine without him, and he'll likely never suit up again for Portland. He might be done, period.

Please move on, Portland.

I wonder if the $4 deal will continue if the Blazers keep winning games like this.

Since the $4 thing is a package of 25 specific games beginning with Saturday's home opener, I would guess it's a limited time thing. Watching the broadcast last night, it seems they have operators standing by during games and they'll be running in-game specials all season. They're slowly getting back in the game. Hopefully Patterson doesn't screw it all up.

In the meantime, they've got a ton of inventory and it's all got to go!

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