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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Don't call Emilie Boyles's office

Now that we know where our special "clean money" gal is working, please don't call her at work. Don't call her boss. No reason to get her fired. A winter in Glendive, Montana is just what the doctor ordered.

Call the father of "voter-owned elections," Erik Sten, instead. Ask him how the criminal investigation into Boyles's apparently fraudulent signatures is going. It's been more than 200 days since the Portland police refused to be bothered with the matter and passed it over to the state attorney general's office. Is that investigation still open? I doubt it, especially since no one can cite any state criminal law that was broken.

And so no one is prosecuted, and the city picks up $50 a month (if it's lucky) toward the $90,000 Boyles owes the taxpayers. Not counting interest, the debt will be paid off by the year 2156. See? The system is working.

Comments (5)

2156? Isn't that when the tax revenue from South Waterfront kicks in? We could be looking at a banner year here.

Yeah Bill but that is also the year the polar ice cap melts due to global warming and South Water front will be home for giant mutant carp but the good news will be that OHSU will be river front property!

We actually owe Emily our gratitude for testing and exposing the crazy scheme.

She could not have been better if Homer and Ronnie had picked her.

Jack, KXL Radio credited you this morning for finding Emilie Boyles.

Everybody is giving me credit. But what a dubious accomplishment.

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