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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Decompression time

Spring break is here -- time for academics like me to catch up on all the things that have piled up over the last 10 weeks as the spring semester has worn on. Like that two-foot-high pile of technical reading that I've been accumulating. Countless deferred chores around the house and yard. And getting to know the kids better.

This year the arrival of the week-long respite from classes coincides with what appears to be (and I hope to high heaven definitely is) the end of a month-long tussle with that respiratory virus that has been going around. I got out on the running trail tonight for the first time in four weeks. It felt horrible and wonderful at the same time.

You lose a lot in a month of inactivity. It will likely take twice that long to get it back. But I'm not complaining. It's great to be breathing.

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i know how you feel. i just got back to athletic activities from a four month layoff because of an injury. my body hates me right now. :)

I had been slowly building back up for a couple months (after a year and a half layoff due to injury) when I got that thing. One month off and I lost nearly all of it. Was back for a week and a half when I got ANOTHER cold. It seems to be beating a hasty retreat now. Here's to the spring and good health all around!

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