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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jail Duck to cop: "We smoked it all"

And the star quarterback was in the car, which police say reeked of pot smoke, that the defensive back was driving down I-5 at 118 miles per hour at 4:30 in the morning.

But get this: The smell of pot didn't give the police probable cause to search the car! Really? That's good to know.

Then there's the televised reaction of the football coach, whose program is under investigation for corruption. It's hard to believe that this fellow really has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Yale:

When Coach goes down -- if not this year, then surely some day -- he won't have amassed a big store of goodwill from which to draw sympathy.

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I, for one, am willing to look into my heart and forgive these young men and their coach, especially with the LSU game coming up.

Look at the tape KATU TV broadcast multiple times yesterday. The driver voluntarily gave the OSP officer a verbal consent to search the car. The driver initiated that conversation,. The OSP officer didn't request permission to search, the driver just blurted out the offer to search.

I don't understand why the OSP trooper didn't take the driver up on the offer.

We'd never here the end of this if the car full of geeks.

The facts is the facts. If you happen to be a smokin hot female coed, or an outstanding student athlete, then you will always be treated much better than all the others.

Oddly, I have sometimes had fantasies if being both.

In an off-camera conversation with the other law enforcement officer, Stallsworth talks about possible charges and how he would never give the football players preferential treatment.


There is currently a poll on the KGW web site and something like 40% of the respondents so far say that "winning is everything" and they "trust Kelly".
Why don't the commercial supporters of U of O (aka Nike U) and the other major school teams, just declare that so called college sports are nothing more than minor leagues for the pro teams?

When Coach goes down -- if not this year, then surely some day -- he won't have amassed a big store of goodwill from which to draw sympathy.

And he doesn't do media very well either. But, then, he's not here for the long haul anyway, so he doesn't care. Oregon is just a stepping stone. I'm sure he'd much rather be at a "football factory" school, as far east as possible. For instance, I bet he'd love to have the Penn State job when Joe Pat finally hangs 'em up.

Tom Wolfe in his interminable way does a pretty good job with big school sports I am Charlotte Simmons.

Which is worse:

Speeding down the highway after a little smoke, or taking the money the players earn and using it all for your own $3.5 million salary and car payments for all the assistant coaches, then cutting their scholarships when they get injured?

Poll at http://www.uomatters.com/

Forget it, Jack, it's just big-time university-level pro football. It could be worse. Consider the University of Miami, once and future powerhouse:

But who can believe a Ponzi schemer?

Chip does seem a bit defensive. I can understand that.

Ph.D. what? He don't got no Ph.D. Am I missing a joke?

Nothing like a wildly hysterical take on things. An investigation for "corruption"! Wow, it see images of Serpico .... hush money and drug lords. Oh. I guess it was an allegged rule violation for hiring a recruiter in the overly competitive world of college football recruiting. And a speeding ticket. Definitely thug behavior. And students smoking pot! I am shocked, shocked! to hear that that goes on, especially in Eugene. These young men should be instantly jailed and expelled and Kelly should resign for not being sufficiently humble and contrite in the face of the media incessant questions over a speeding ticket and pot smoke, Allegedly. But of course if the police did not cite it does not mean anything, Ducks are guilty until the media decides they are innocent. This story is almost as interesting as the Great Boise State Tennis Hamburger Scandal. Woe, the corruption in college is so hard to take. Boo the hell hoo.

This is going to be a long season.

As a disinterested viewer, The coach looks tensely annoyed and would rather be doing something else, but he makes the media look like simpering idiot children.

In the KATU report it looks like the officer is as concerned with who they are as to what they did.

Woe, the corruption in college is so hard to take.

The pitiful attempts at lying about it all are what's so hard to take. The way Team Kelly tried to cover up the recruiting scandal is criminal fraud.

The Ducks have become a perfect example of just about everything that's wrong with college athletics.

The Chipster seemed quite pissed that he even had to answer the questions. No Comment would have served him better. Lucky he has University of Miami to distract the attention...

And here I thought Ohio State and the U. of Miami and TN and USC were the poster children of what was wrong with college athletics.

I love my ducks.

I am what you call an "apologist" when it comes to them.

I don't know the definition of "criminal fraud" Jack, I maybe insufficiently familiar with the details of the scandal. They hired a consultant for his influence and not his knowledge and then lied about it? Sucks if its true. But "criminal fraud"? That sounds complicated. Wouldn't that mean somehow the university is getting a direct pecuniary benefit based on some kind purposeful deceit? Doesn't someone have to be "defrauded" out of money?

If the ducks are guilty of "criminal fraud" for this kind of thing then the Catholic Church, the Bond rating agencies, hell all of wall street, and probably most city governments are all guilty of something far worse than paying someone a salary because of who they know and not what they know. People get hired every day because of who they know, it probably a bigger factor in most hiring decisions most of the time. Not many people in this society get ahead just based on what they know. Its all about knowing people and having an "in". that's us, that's our society.

So we live in this somewhat corrupt society but we expect college athletics to be this perfect place.

This recruiting stuff doesn't really get me excited. Its all pre-season politics. I don't see it as affecting the basic fairness of the games themselves. I guess I only care if they cheat in the games.

Enough apologies.

Whatever they did it wasn't worth it compared to to the consequences of getting caught. It was stupid. That's what makes me mad. You f'n with our rep Chippy, straighten this sh*t out.

jay jay - Don't Bogart that......

Let me get this straight... some college kids were smoking weed? In Oregon? Oh the humanity! Maybe one of them has a medical marijuana license and was "medicating." Or trooper used something that everyone appreciates called "discretion." Good call on his/her part.

Enjoy yourself college kids, your employment prospects when you graduate in this economy are crap. Don't worry though, your student loans are non-dischargable.

Good lord Jack, next thing you know we'll be hearing that college football players drink and have sex! Mercy me...

If you don't think there's something wrong with bong hits in a vehicle going 118 miles an hour, then "good lord," there's something wrong with you. The fact that it's kids with no judgment makes it all the more dangerous.

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