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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At Fukushima, "steaming cracks in the ground"

So report workers at the plant (through third-party sources). And if it's true, you can bet that the steam is way radioactive. What would be causing it? Either the radioactive lava from the triple meltdown has melted so far down that it's starting to hit the groundwater under the buildings, or groundwater is seeping into the common spent fuel pool in the middle of the complex. Our bet is on the former, but either way, the situation over there remains dire.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Japanese media are forcing people who posted copies of meltdown-related videos on YouTube to take them down. This is particularly pernicious because a coverup of what's really happened at Fukushima, by Tokyo Electric and the central government of Japan, is in full swing. In a year or two, reliable information will be difficult, if not impossible, to come by.

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Yes this is very interesting. I have been following the story on MSM... Oh Wait.. When has Fukushima been mentioned by MSM lately? I did notice in depth coverage of Sara Palin's nail polish at the Iowa State Fair.

Thanks for the continued up dates Jack!

I join in thanks, both to Bogdanski & Mark.

Oh, and that radioactive sulfur from Fuku that hit the west coast? Guess where it went:

Sulfur-35 is absorbed by the entire body but is of particular concern to men because it tends to concentrate in the testicles, according to a Nuclide Safety Data Sheet from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Beta radiation occurring there could damage neighboring cells.

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