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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jail Duck speeding story keeps getting better

It turns out that the car that the University of Oregon football player was driving 118 miles an hour on a suspended license at 4:30 the other morning was a rented car. It was rented by Hertz to a University of Oregon employee, who says she then sub-rented it to the player, Cliff Harris, for cash.

Really? Obviously that was a breach of her rental contract with Hertz, who would tend to look askance at a suspended driver behind the wheel at any speed.

But more importantly, she says the deal didn't violate NCAA rules, because Harris and a friend really did pay her for the sub-rental. She deposited $300 cash in her bank account last week, and that's whom it was from and what it was about. Uh huh.

I'd say enough is enough. The NCAA needs to step in and impose sanctions. The Ducks' national championship should be revoked immediately.

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There was no national championship for the Ducks. They lost the game.

Are you new to these parts?

Looks like a few orders of Duck flambe, to go, coming up.

Nope, just don't comment much. If you are asking whether I thought Jack was being ironic, it didn't come across as ironic to me.

At the very least, their Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade grand marshal entry should have an asterisk next to it.

Boo Jack.

Clearly a Stanford bias going on.

That was probably your and my tax dollars paying for that car.

And will be paying for the flock of lawyers now scrambling around the UO doing major damage control.

Looks like another job for Super Duper Pooper AG! Or, at least a press release....

That's called "Irony" round these parts. Jack knows they didn't win. He's rubbing your noses in it.

Hmmm. Another mark against the quality of education in Oregon. Who cares! Its the football program this is important down at YOU OWE.

They should revoke the whole university! (Though I may be somewhat biased.)

It's okay. The U of O renter got the special NCAA sanction coverage from Hertz(with a two scholarship/one bowl appearance deductible).

Dueling AGs -- Frohnmayer the sell out and Kroger the incompetent!

What a sighNCAA needs to come down hard on this. Real, real hard.

Nope, not a Stanford bias. (And Jack only went to the law school, that is not really being a Cardinal>) Not even a Pac 10 bias on my part.

In the Ivies, the football teams actually graduate. At least they did in Cambridge way back when in the early '60s.

The Ducks should have skipped the Rose Bowl 2 years ago and taken on Ohio State in a street race instead. Sure, their quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, had 8 different cars in 3 years of college, but if we have a kid who can go 118 in a Hertz rental, I say we win.

Tee hee hee. Good one Bill. :-)

Some stories have legs.
Some don't

Just to add a passing thought...
With all the "on campus action" available in Eugene, why did they need a car?

Nonny - Maybe you'd like to explain the "gentlemen's Bs" that Harvard was handing out back then. Just sayin'.

There's little doubt this is a "special benefit" for the athlete. The UO doesn't rent cars to regular students and Hertz doesn't rent cars to people with suspended licenses. But the UO will rent cars from Hertz for athletes with suspended licenses.

Speeding toward NCAA sanctions.

One other thing - there is no NCAA FBS ("Football Bowl Series" - formerly NCAA Division 1) National Championship. The FBS teams can compete in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) but the NCAA does not award a National Championship to the winner of the BCS. Auburn beat the Ducks to win the BCS championship. Yes, it is an interesting distinction and, yes, it's all about $.

I found the "sub rental" remarks very funny. Does the female idiot that originally rented this vehicle realize that she violated the terms of her rental contract? And that it's unlikely any auto rental firm will ever rent to her again?

Does the female idiot that originally rented this vehicle realize that she violated the terms of her rental contract? And that it's unlikely any auto rental firm will ever rent to her again?

Eh...you live and you learn. In the meantime, go by streetcar!

With the possible exception of the continuing media yammering about "steriod use" there is no more boring story in sports than NCAA "violations". The rules are so arcane and idiotic that only the media and the haters really give a damn. Pryer sold memorabilia (yawn), Cam's Dad pimped him out to the best paying school (double yawn) and a Duck got a speeding ticket in a rental car with a suspended license (triple yawn). Of course there is the hard hitting story about the Boise State girls tennis player getting a free cheeseburger (actual coma on this one).I know it is fun to hate, I know it is fun to feel superior and flex the moral outrage muscle but really? Lets save some outrage for a system that exploits college atheletes to make big bucks and then talks all rightous about the "mission" of the university.

You know what would be good? If the outrageously highly paid Oregon athletic director and head coach got nicked every time one of their student-athletes pulled a stunt like this. Kelly is working on a six-year, $20.5 million contract. The AD, Mullens, has a base salary of $450,000, with all kinds of perks and incentives, including an extra $50,000 every time the Ducks get invited to a bowl game. How about -$10,000 every time a Duck gets handcuffed and put into the backseat of a police car? It can go into a scholarship fund for student-students.

Damn Pete, I think you are spot on to the solution to all of these problems!!! No really....I mean it. We're done, let's go watch the game......

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