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Monday, June 20, 2011

To the rescue

We were having some trouble shaking the funk of the weekend's dark news yesterday, but the Mrs. and the girls really came through. In addition to a shower of great gifts, we were treated to a couple of homemade pizzas in our recently installed new oven. Including our custom order of mushroom, onion, and anchovy. Divine!

We also chased the darkness off by scrolling to the R&B genre on our music player, hitting the shuffle button, and taking in everything that followed. Like the man said, music is healing.

Comments (9)

Oooh, anchovies! Those little flat things with eyes!

Looks like a yummy pizza...care to share your crust recipe? I'm always looking for a new crust to try!

Pastaworks here in Portland sells great pizza dough, frozen.

In my experience, anchovy appreciatin is too rare in Oregon.

Oops! So is proper spelling.

Someone else in Portland likes anchovies on pizza??? For years now I've assumed I was the only one. Pizzacato doesn't even put them on their so-called "puttanesca" slice unless you ask (and pay extra).

Jack...Most East Coast boys love those little critters (anchovies) on their pizza!.......The BEST hail from North Korea, I now first hand as I have been there (unofficially) however the people of DPRK don't know what pizza is and HATE cheese.

Put the 'chovies on right after you take the pizza out of the oven -- keeps them from drying out so you get all of those good omegas -- non-fisheaters can also enjoy the same pie!

The unfished part, that is.

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