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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Your house is waiting

Father's Day is always a wonderful day around our place, but it's a little difficult to stay focused on the festivities today, in light of this. Listening to music produced by the man himself doesn't take the edge off -- at all. So far, about the best we've gotten in terms of help is here. But still, it's a different kind of day.

It's hard to believe, but we actually feel sorry for the band leader. The foundation of his music has crumbled away in just a few short years. Things obviously won't ever be the same, but what will they be? It's a much heavier question when you're 60 than it was when you were 20.

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I'm dreading seeing the first pictures or video of Bruce since it happened. I don't like thinking of him in this kind of pain, or you either, Jack.
As for the future, the E Street Band will most likely play on with an established sax player like David Sanborn stepping in at least to help for a tour. This is when musicians have to play, when the tragic stuff happens.
I remember James Brown talking out loud to a deceased former musician from his band during a concert. He spoke directly to him and it was pretty powerful. I'm not sure who it was but it was clear he had been with the Famous Flames for a long, long time. James Brown concluded by saying, "It just don't seem real."
This doesn't either.

At this point my Mother would say something positive, so here's my version of that: I think it's pretty cool that the Big Man is on Lady Gaga's new song, especially the way he's sitting there on the steps fading into the shadows. I just think it's nice that he's playing on what will probably be one last hit on the way out.

Bruce can never show defeat in public. He'll come up with something after an appropriate mourning time. But this hurts so bad that it's hard to see how it can be healed. Especially by a guy who's about to go on Medicare.

Healed? No. But pain and music were made for each other and Bruce will respond. He's not going to quit - that is for sure. He said as much in the last line of his statement about Clarence: "His life, his memory, and his love will live on in that story and in our band."
The E Street Band's from Jersey. They wrote the Book of Tough and then they wrote the Forward.

Jack, I was born and raised in New Jersey. As a fellow Garden State ex-pat, I share your loss.

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