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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A moment of silence

Maybe more than just a moment. Things just aren't going to be the same without the Big Man.

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Just saw the news. A great loss for everyone.

Profoundly sad news. It was a great run.

I will never forget seeing the Boss and the Big Man in concert about 30 years ago. (Gosh, was it really that long ago?!) I kid you not, a FOUR hour show, just Bruce and the E Street Band, no warm-up band, just them. What an amazing show. What incredible performers. RIP Clarence.

He helped make life a lot more enjoyable for me. Loved the music. All I can say is thank you.

Aw, phooey. But, his spirit lives on forever in the music.

Outside The Stone Pony, the legendary Asbury Park, N.J., rock club where Springsteen, Clemons and other E Street Band members cut their teeth in the 1970s, Phil Kuntz stopped to place a small yellow flower on a decorative white fence. Nearby, someone taped a handwritten sign that read simply "RIP Big Man."

"I'll never hear 'Jungleland' played live again, and that's a bummer," said Kuntz, 51, who had seen Clemons perform with Springsteen in excess of 200 times.

Caroline O'Toole, The Stone Pony's general manager, called it "a sad day for Asbury Park."

"He was 'the Big Man' but he was an even bigger man here," she said. "His presence was just enormous and unbelievable. No one who has ever played at our club in all the decades was ever like him."

AP story, from Asbury Park Press tonight --

Filmed at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ. Sept. 19, 1978
[raw and very much alive]

God bless you, Clarence. Still miss you, too, Danny.


Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Live In Phoenix 1978, AZ, US. ~ HD
"And...the King Of The World...'The Big Man,' Clarence Clemons!"

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