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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Latest Lents Park stadium drawing: 360 parking spaces

Fireman Randy's blog has a new drawing of the Lents Park pro baseball stadium up, and it's got not one but two parking lots, with 360 parking places all told. That's an 80% increase over what the proponents of the Paulson Plan were promising a week or so ago, and 1,140 less than what the baseball minor league bigwigs want.

So many middle fingers are being flashed in so many different directions with this project now, it is not surprising that the parking number keeps moving, and that nobody's happy with it. About the only folks who aren't being told where to go are the folks at the U.S. soccer "major league," who have been shoving the people of Portland around for months now.

Anyway, the new sketch is interesting, to be sure. They're still acting as though you'll be able to use the Little League and soccer fields with hundreds (and on a good day or night, thousands) of baseball fans trudging through them on their way to the entrances, which will all be in the outfield, of the new stadium. The stadium capacity will be 9000, including suites and a sit-on-the-grass area in the outfield. The balls will be hit from the interior of the park out toward 92nd Avenue, which is where left field will be.

It's all going to be wonderful. And with this, the little guys out in Lents will finally earn everyone's respect, and the neighborhood will be revitalized. Uh huh.

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Why do we even need a parking lot with Trimet serving that area? Shouldn't everyone ride the MAX, or bus together?

Here's what Randy Leonard's "respect" for people in Lents looks like: http://bojack.org/2009/06/reader_poll_whos_worse_adams_o.html#comment-94837

More parking More better! Public parks are blight.

A low cost alternative to jazz-up Lents is a simple name change but I don't think Merittocracy works. It's too long, how about "The Parks District" to celebrate the available open space there.

I don't even know why it matters.

This whole thing is being made up on the fly until they can find something that sneaks past the neighborhood. Then it will be what they want it to be.

JOBS, Randy!!! Spend your time helping to create jobs and bringing business to Portland!! The arrogance of this City Council and Mayor is breathtaking!!!! Spending time pushing stadiums and renaming streets in neighborhoods that don't want them instead of FOCUSING on the long-term well being of the average Portlander?

Schools, what about education? Wanna produce a pretty picture of that, Randy?

But, hey...enjoy your raise while you ruthlessly suck value from the rest of us!!!

One space per day of the year, minus holidays. If attendance is anything like PGE park, that's all they'll need.

That email from Randy is crazy, telling the 50-year resident of Lents that "Threats, implied or overt, are not effective. You are better off saying nothing."

The guy's email didn't contain an implied threat, did it? What is Randy talking about? Has he gone stone cold nuts? Is Randy getting a deluge of physical threats, and equating opposition to his bone head plan to those threats? WTF?

He has crazy eyes now. This isn't right. He and the mayor should be on suicide watch or something.

I agree with Jim completely. Someday when we finally learn what's really going on behind the scenes in City Hall and what happened on Randy's NY trip with Paulson it's going to make one hell of a movie.

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