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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reader poll: Who's worse, Adams or Leonard?

Lately, in my mind, it's gotten to be a tossup. Honestly:

Who's worse for Portland?
Sam Adams
Randy Leonard
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Something Randy wrote in his "Jaws of Victory" propaganda piece has stuck with me, like a sliver under the skin.

It was: "While economic development all over the United States is fallow, the City of Portland and the Lents community have the unique luxury of considering a project with a private investor who is proposing to invest more than $50 million in private capital to bring Major League Soccer to Portland and Beavers baseball to Lents."

"Unique luxury"?

It reminds me of a feudal lord's underling trying to persuade the vassals of the benefits of la droit du seigneur (ius primae noctis for those who don't read French). Except there are no benefits for the vassals, of course, only for the feudal lord.

So, vote Randy in this poll.

A third option is needed.

They're both screwed up. Sam is smart enough to keep his head low (don't even go there) while this recall thing is brewing.

While PPS cuts staff and Mult County has to sell plasma to make money, CoP gives itself a 3% raise, bumps water 18%, permits/fees 10%, wants to loan Paulson $100M, has a blog person dedicated to publishing Randy's recipes and still is dealing with the PFDR issues by just ignoring things.

We really need to re-address how tax revenues are allocated in this state.

Adams and Leonard are a double helix of worse. The Boy Emperor Paulson is worst.

Minor corrections to my previous post:

"La" should read "Le" and "vassals" should be "peasants."

Y'know, just a crazy thought, but think Randy is being a lightning rod to take the heat off Sam in a recall effort?

Sammy has been awfully quiet lately.

Speaking of quiet, anyone know what's happening with the Headquarters Hotel deal?

Leonard b/c of his tendency to act more thuggishly than Adams. Also, I find the Breedlove affair more amusing than distasteful.

2 pm - still neck and neck.

They are both disgusting examples of what has gone wrong with Portland.

It's hard to call. Their styles are very different although if pushed I have to vote for Adams because at least Randy isn't a sphinx and his confrontational style means that you generally know what's going on with his crusades. Increasingly with Sam, the deal is done before the public finds out about it.

Despite his questionable priorities, Leonard is still one of the only council members I've ever received any response or support from regarding neighborhood issues. He was actually doing Sten's job as well as his own after Opie bailed and went into limbo.

Randy must be incredulous that Sam is barely out-polling him after all the rancor over Sam's shenanigans and the apparent indifference to his own efforts to gussie up the city with signs, logos and slogans.

Here's food for thought as we vote. Democracy is not a threat, overt OR implied.

From: [Omitted]
To: [Omitted]
Subject: FW: lents park,,VOTE NO
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 20:51:41 -0700

I've lived in lents since 1956 i played in the park,so did my kids and grand kids we love the green tree's and grass,please dont let them take it from us' We all dont have much they havent taken already,aCONCERNED CITZEN [Omitted]

From: rleonard@ci.portland.or.us
To: [Omitted]
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 21:25:58 -0700
Subject: RE: lents park,,VOTE NO

Threats, implied or overt, are not effective. You are better off saying nothing.

From: [Omitted]
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 6:25 PM
To: Leonard, Randy
Subject: lents park,,VOTE NO

>Think of the kids,randy,where will you send them to play,they will vote some day...


Since they are equally horrible, I voted for Randy. He was down a few votes.

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