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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kroger supports recall

There's a detailed list of findings here.

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Nuts! You got me again. Strike two.

Is that chicken boneless?


AAAAHHHHHHHH I thought the sky was opening up

Brilliant!!!! ...but disappointed.

You are going to break your server if and when you scoop the press.

Was set to spend some time with those findings, instead came away scratching my head over this recalled item:
This seems the likely place to find the mayor creepy recall under a subheading?


Fool me once...shame on.. you. Fool me...can't get fooled again!

Like others, I fell for the teaser.

I was sure that your link was to an article about Oregon's Attorney General Jon Kroger and Mayor Creepy.

Foiled again!

___ora et labora___


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