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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What were they thinking?

Here's a little caption contest to get us over the hump of this week. Pictured are Fireman Randy Leonard and newly anointed Portland City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade after her swearing-in yesterday. (And already she's making with the reports.)

Anyway, what were each of them thinking?

Now, please keep it light, clean, and safe for work...

Comments (15)

Him: Note to self - get Lavonne on the guest list of all Merritt's social gatherings.

Her: How long until they recall this clown?

Him: How can she resist? I can hear another YES vote in the echo chamber.

Her: I guess he didn't read about Sam or Bob Packwood

him: super letch
her: get your hand OFF me! (note ot self)from now on I am wearing only Hillary suits.

These photos look disturbingly similar to the infamous George Bush-Angela Merkel backrub.

Actually, the caption is perfect.

Rany: I'm drawing a blank on what to do on this whole Lent's issue.

LaVonne: Don't ask me...

HIM: I wonder if Merritt will let me use his boat this weekend?

HER: Isn't this the creep in that weird Storm Large video??

RL: "Crap! I should have gone with a scowl."

Him: It's Janet Jackson Time
Her: Sure glad I wore velcro straps

RL: "I look dumb without a moustache."

LGV: "Please God, let him take his hand off my shoulder."

RL: "She can't indict people... I don't think..."

LVGV: "At least he can't go into the ladies' room."

rl- I'm late for me appointment with Mayor Paulson"

LVGV-Where has that hand been,,,hopefully not the mens room in city hall."

He: I wonder if she'd like to go to a baseball game.
She: First day on the job and already he's pulling me to the right.

RL - You will not audit the stadium finances, you will not audit the stadium finances, you will not audit the stadium finances . . .

LV - Why did he take a raise? He's sure not spending it on clothes.

Him: Geeze...finally...someone finally took a photograph of me standing next to her...this will make me look like I can relate to public servants and be serious about appropriate use of City funds.

Her: Oh for heaven's sakes,how long will I have to put up with this clown...oh...oh no...can I take it if he becomes mayor...aw geeze....

Him: She's gonna love my Caesar.

Her: Take your oily hands off of me anchovy-breath!

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