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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice, ice, baby

It's warm up above and freezing down on the ground, and that always means trouble in Portlandia. January has a way of bringing the "silver thaw" to these parts -- ice all over everything, falling trees, downed power lines, fender benders galore, that sort of thing. And it usually takes longer to end than the weather forecasters predict.

It's 33.8 degrees Farenheit at this hour, and virtually sure to drop below freezing by morning. It's 33.1 up on the hill at Lewis & Clark College. We don't know exactly when the rain is going to start, of course, but 8 a.m. sounds like the consensus. By 8:30, it should be a winter wonderland, and likely to stay that way until late morning. Pulling the covers back over one's head sounds like a decent option.

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2013 Jan 23 Wed 00:56 U (12:56 AM PT)

Just beat that storm.
Christmas lights down.
Six bins of yard debris ready to tip.
Plus an e-mail to Japan.

All this after attending LO City Council
and watching Advisory Board members get
that ol' time religion and set goals
for contacting neighborhood Chairs to
improve community communication.

Tomorrow night Sensitive Land Overlay(s),
Foothills, and off-site mitigation with a
dash of Portland Bureau of Environmental
Services Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment
Plant Citizens Advisory Committee and

Skip Ormsby
Sentinel Birdshill

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