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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Take an Alka Seltzer -- here comes another helping

It feels as though we've watched a month's worth of football in the last 72 hours, but the Big Daddies in the pro ranks go at it again today, and these players in our charity underdog pool will be following their canine buddies (in caps):

10.5 KANSAS CITY vs. Denver - Lucas, Rudie, MickeyMacNYC, Ted
9.5 OAKLAND at Cincinnati - Gordon, Jeremy, Gary, Bob, Coastal Storm, Biggest Cubs Loser, Tinknocker, Bad Brad, Eric W.
3 BUFFALO at Indianapolis - Dave A.
3 MIAMI vs. Seattle - John Cr.
3 JACKSONVILLE vs. Tennessee - Pete Rose
2.5 NEW ORLEANS vs. San Francisco - Michael K., JMH, Sola
2.5 GREEN BAY at New York Giants - Bayou Baby, PDXileinOmaha, John Ch., Tung

This entry was composed earlier today, and is being posted by robot. At this writing, there are still a couple of stragglers who haven't entered a pick. If we get their choices by the 10 a.m. deadline, we'll add them as an update to this post when we get to blog matters later today.

The players who picked Thursday were:

6.5 NEW YORK JETS vs. New England - Usual Kevin, Annie, Pete Rozelle, genop, Dr. D, Carol
3.5 WASHINGTON at Dallas - NoPoGuy, Cinderella Story, George, Will, Grizfan, Broadway Joe, Paul, genop's gal, DB Cooper, Juicen
3 DETROIT vs. Houston - Pdxmick

Only Washington prevailed. The current standings, including the results of the Thursday contests, are here.

Good luck, and if you can stand to watch any more gridiron action today, enjoy it!

UPDATE, 4:48 p.m.: No additional picks to report. Jacksonville and Miami score a few points for two players.

UPDATE, 11/26, 1:47 a.m.: Green Bay is trounced in the nightcap, leaving our final standings for Week 12 as follows:

DB Cooper 37.5
Will 28.5
Broadway Joe 25.5
Pete Rose 24.5
Michael K. 23.5
Ted 22.5
Juicen 22
Grizfan 21
George 20.5
Paul 20.5
Tinknocker 20.5
Pdxmick 19
NoPoGuy 18.5
Tung 18.5
Annie 18
JMH 17.5
Ricardo 16.5
Bad Brad 16
Jeremy 15
Usual Kevin 15
Drewbob 14
Bayou Baby 13.5
genop 13
John Ch. 13
PDXileinOmaha 13
Cinderella Story 12.5
Gordon 11.5
Pete Rozelle 11.5
Carol 10.5
Dave A. 10.5
Eric W. 10
Biggest Cubs Loser 9.5
Bob 9
Sola 9
Coastal Storm 8
John Cr. 8
genop's gal 7
MickeyMacNYC 6
Dr. D 5
Lucas 5
Rudie 5
Gary 0

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