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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Speak of the devil

Just when we were saying we hadn't seen coyotes in the neighborhood lately, the Mrs. reports spotting two yesterday morning at around 7:30 at 23rd and Fremont. They were coming off the Alameda Ridge and heading south. Walking right down the middle of the street. A little wary of cars, but not of people. Kitties, beware -- you, too, Stenchy.

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Interestingly enough, the longest running study of coyotes in urban areas indicate that pets are much safer than Stenchy would be from coyotes. (See "diet" here: http://www.urbancoyoteresearch.com/About_Coyotes.htm ) Do we have yet another urban demographic being unjustly accused of petricide?

Jokes aside -- a year ago or so, I went to a talk by the lead scientist on this project. It was fascinating and much of what was presented went against many assumptions I had about coyotes.

"The Cook County Coyote Project is a comprehensive study of coyotes in Chicago metropolitan areas" -- good reading.

There is a family of coyotes living in the woods by the first green on the east course at Glendoveer. They seem to be unafraid of the golfers. I've seen them standing there the last few times I've played.

Perhaps the Mrs. saw the Rose City golf course/Rocky Butte coyotes. With the rains now in play, perhaps there isn't enough happening on the golf course to keep them amused. And Dave - word has been that the Rose City pack likes to hang out on the tee areas. Not sure who gets the penalty for slow play.

"pets are much safer than Stenchy would be from coyotes."

Please explain the sudden rash of missing pet posters a few years ago?


Had one run across Freemont in front of me at about 52nd or so few weeks ago. Ran NB into the cemetary. See them all the time in the 'fields' out by the airport as well.

One of them took out our beloved kitty Preston a few summers ago. My wife cried for 3 days straight when he died, and she was only able to bring a new cat into our home 4 months ago. She hasn't admitted as such, but I'm pretty sure that if she gets the chance she will run over any coyote she sees with her car.

When we lived near 24th and Knott, there was a "resident" coyote. Many experts believe there are more coyotes in the US now than ever before. They, like white tailed deer, have adjusted to both rural, suburban and even urban environments. They are a pain but you gotta respect their tenacity. If one is missing cats and small dogs, coyotes are often to blame. If you are in the suburbs or rural areas and good sized dogs are taking a beating, you are facing mountain lions. Oregon now has the largest population of mountain lions in the US due to city folks outlawing the hunting of cougars with dogs. The state now pays hunters with packs to kill "problem" cougars. Just consider yourselves lucky there aren't any cougars or wolves in Irvington. Now, let's talk about that grizzly that was spotted on Burnside.

Re JK's Q: Dog fighters nab pets (cats & dogs) for their gory training sessions. See, for example --

And -- "Nearly two million pets are stolen each year, but only 10% are returned. And it seems things are just getting worse. A report from the American Kennel club shows Dog Thefts jumped by 32% last year.

Some breeds are taken for their value, others are taken during burglaries, some for dog fighting, and some are taken for no reason at all."

Special Report: Dognapping

They travel in packs in Salmon Creek, Washington and they've been very loud lately. Probably something to do with all those squirrels we've been fattening up for the kill.

Possums are everywhere too...Conincidence? I don't think so.

More garbage -> More Rats -> More Coyotes?

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