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Sunday, October 7, 2012

No cigar for 29 'dog pickers

The San Diego Bolts did not deliver this evening, meaning that only seven players picked up points today in our charity pro football underdog game. We've still got six players riding on the Jets in Jersey tomorrow night, and they're marked with asterisks in our revised standings:

Ricardo 16.5
DB Cooper 16
Ted 16
Pdxmick 14
Pete Rose 14
*Annie 13
Paul 13
Michael K. 12
Will 11
genop 9.5
Bob 9
Cinderella Story 9
George 9
Tinknocker 9
NoPoGuy 8
PDXileinOmaha 8
Broadway Joe 7
Dave A. 7
Juicen 7
Tung 7
*Pete Rozelle 6.5
John Ch. 6
MickeyMacNYC 6
*Bayou Baby 5
*Drewbob 5
Eric W. 5
Grizfan 5
John Cr. 5
*Biggest Cubs Loser 4.5
Bad Brad 4
Jeremy 4
Usual Kevin 4
Carol 3.5
Gordon 3.5
Coastal Storm 3
*Dr. D 0
Gary 0
genop's gal 0
Lucas 0
Rudie 0
Sola 0

Comments (6)

I watched the Bolts game and they did deliver, and would have won were it not for some really terrible calls at the end of the game.

Geez, I can't wait for the replacement refs to finally get back on the field. At least their mistakes were honest mistakes.

You are so right, as this story confirms: http://tinyurl.com/8uhnvea

"Mojo's Best Bets" hits 2 out of 3, including the "Upset Special." That Indy win over the Packers sure was sweet, wasn't it?

Exactly why I am condemned to watch most games in solitude.

It definitely looks like the Colts made the right choice with their #1 pick. That ended being one of the best games of the day, and I'm happy for the franchise

The Bolts would have won had it not been for a random late-hit penalty on a dumb rookie lineman, on the exact play where Brees threw a pick-6.

Which illustrates why it's so hard to pick winning underdodgs.

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