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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blast from the past

Ever since the iPhone took over our gadget world several years ago, we've been using the earbuds that come with the phones for audio. But we've never really liked them. They're uncomfortable, they slip around quite a bit, and unless we continuously press them in with our hands, we can rarely get decent sound.

The other day we dug around in a drawer and found a pair of old-fashioned Sony Walkman headphones, the kind with the wire rack that goes over your head. We took them out for a jog this evening with an iPod. They made a world of difference.

Granted, there's no microphone and no clicker to send signals to the gadget, but for a lot of our contexts, there's no need for those. It's worth it to hear what's going on with greater clarity.

We saw a TV commercial the other night that suggested that the iPhone 5 comes with better earbuds than previous models did. Barring a lottery hit, we won't be upgrading our phones any time soon, and so it will be a while before we can try the new ones out. In the meantime, we're rockin' old school.

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As Mojo says: "My guess is the nitwit cycler was wearing earBuds with his favorite death metal band roaring."

Cycling and loud music don't mix. And trains. Don't hit trains while biking. Other than that, enjoy.

Aw, come on,
The train obviously made a right turn into the innocent biker.


Gee, guys, the bike accident thread is here.

Ah....the yellow head phones! This brings back memories of many happy if somewhat bored hours on night watch on the sail boat crossing the Pacific Ocean...23 years ago.

I had the same problem and spent $12 on adapters so the ear buds would stay in. Last week they broke. I went to the Apple store & bought the new ones for the iPhone 5 for $29. They work on my old iPhone, stay in, and sound great. Worth the money.

Ha ha! I still have and occasionally use that same headphone. Still have the yellow Walkman, too!. Weather resistant. It gets little use, tho.

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