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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swallow all beverages before clicking on this

Check out this website from Chris "Thumper" Humphreys, the unfit Portland cop who tackled, kicked, stomped, hogtied, and ultimately killed an innocent, scrawny, mentally ill Portlander -- and took a break for coffee in the middle of it. Warning: The site is truly, disgustingly pornographic.

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Thumper for sheriff....he'll beat up everyone.

Is that even a paid position? The county is only 1,100 people.

What a egotistical, bombastic fool who couldn't cut it in Portland and tried raping the taxpayers for a supposed "disability" that doesn't seem to bother him now. Here's to his many successful elections way far away from civilization in Wheeler County.

It embarrasses me that Humphries is a fellow alum of BU.

What an utter disgrace HUmphries is.

Who is his opponent for Grant County Sheriff?

Brain fart. Wheeler County, not Grant County.

Humphries does have an opponent.

Mike Garibay, the current Chief Deputy Sheriff, is running as a write in candidate against Humphries.

Gutsy call for Garibay; if he loses, it isn't likely that "Thumper" will take kindly to having a chief deputy who ran as a write in against him.

IMHO, the act of running that way is a big risk, and says a lot of good things about Garibay's character and integrity.

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Stomping out homelessness...

I went to his facebook account, called him a murderer and linked to the Oregonlive articles about him.

It won't do any good. Hope I never get in trouble in Wheeler County.


Mizzz - You call this guy egotistical then say Wheeler County isn't 'civilization'. I'm hoping that was an attempt at irony.

When I was practicing in Morrow County I covered Wheeler. I really hope the write in candidate wins.

I think you and Mizzz are in agreement. I read it as Mizzz ironically wishing Humphries 'luck' in attempts AWAY from the civilized Wheeler County.

Ah. My bad.

"unfit Portland cop"

Not possible. You've got to be pretty fit if you're going to pound folks to a pulp.

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