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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reader poll: Who's worse, Kelly or Bellotti?

Watching the Ducks football game, we're being subjected not only to the side-of-the-mouth crudeness of current coach Chip Kelly, but also to the inanity emanating from former coach and all-time PERS thief Mike Bellotti. It's hard to tell which guy is a worse reflection on our state. We leave it to you.

Who's more loathsome?
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Comments (33)

There should be an option for all of the above.

You have to pick one.

You must enjoy the aww shucks type.

I chose Bellotti myself. Chip Kelley is blunt and usually says what he actually thinks even if it's ass backwards thinking. Bellotti reminds me of a politician, can't trust a damn thing the man says.

Kelly is crude and blunt but Belloti is slimy... I can't stand slimy.

Maybe it's me, but whenever I see a picture of Kelly in that ridiculous visor he looks more like an aging lesbian than a football coach. Not that that's bad, per se, but just kind of funny, to me at least.

Is a Beaver allowed to vote?

Don Reid, as a coach.

Bellotti as a human being.

Kinda like OSU's Joe Avezzano.

Multi million dollar coaches get PERS?

Yep. $500K a year.

Oh jackpot.

I'm a Duck alum so take this with a huge grain of salt. Chip is rough around the edges, no doubt, but he's fairly clear about what his priority is (winning games) and what he contributes to that effort (coaching the offense). The rest is clearly extraneous to him, which he has a hard time hiding in his interviews. Is this such a bad thing? I don't need him to be Mr. Rogers; I just want him to lead a winning program that stays more or less within the arbitrary, questionably legitimate, broken-so-often-it's-ceased-being-funny lines the NCAA draws up.

Chip's a cheater and will bring NCAA sanctions to Eugene. That will have a worse reflection on Oregon, even if it is not actually worse than a millionaire former coach collecting 40K a month in PERS.

Cheater? What's he done beyond briefly hiring a shady recruiter?

Attempt to cover it up -- and that p***es off the NCAA more than almost anything else.

Was it the attempt or because it failed?

I'm not sure how Bellotti is a "thief".

I know its the same excuse / ex[\planation he used himself re PERS, but Bellotti didn't write the legislation the Legislature - actually several Legislatures, over a course of years - enacted. Bellotti is certyainly the beneficiary of some incredibly stoooopid policy decisions by multiple Legislatures and multiple Governors, but the laws that resulted in his amazing PERS pension -- including the "buy ins" with respect to the outside income credited to his salary averages which resulted in the huge payout - were all installed into PERS to benefit teachers long before Bellotti arrived at UC-NIKE.

I voted for Lelley in the poll. While I agree Bellotti is slimy, he's historic slime. Kelley is current slime, and both the aborted jump to the NFL, and the apparent coverup of the recruiting violations, to me, make Kelley the more reprehensible.

Can we add a category for University President most complicit in the crap? Frohnmayer by a mile over Lariviere.

Where's the evidence that Kelly attempted to cover it up? I must've missed that.

If that was so obviously true as you blithely and sweepingly say, Oregon would already be on sanctions and Chip Kelly would be out of a job.

I agree with Nonny. He is not a thief. He did not write the legislation or the rules.

Maybe he's not a Thief thief (Whoopie!), who could be arrested, but he is surely a thief. Stealing from the children no less.

Bellotti - Only because I don't know what Kelly is going to cost us in PERS verbs.

I like 'em both. Chip is what he seems to be: a guy who lives to coach.

Mike used imagination and insight to make a mediocre program great.

Kelly tried to minimize his own personal role in the "scandal," but that's not quite the same thing as a coverup.

And the aborted jump to the NFL? What is wrong with that at all?

Jack's blog and the readers who post generally are quite a cut above the tripe on OregonLive. But not here. Trolldom personified!!!

So Kelly is "crude, ridiculous looking, a cheater, a cover-upper, ass-backwards," and looks like an "aging lesbian" And for added good measure, he's a bum cuz the pros were looking at him. Wow...How do you spell puerile taunting??? The references to Bellotti are almost as disingenuous. Bellotti didn't set up PERS' bennies structure. And when and if Kelly is NCAA-sanctioned, let's judge him then.

Meanwhile,you shameless trollers, "lesbian looking" Kelly wins games, conferences and bowls in his "lesbian" visor, while Mike Riley generally fails at same in his baseball cap. I'll go with the winner, and respect him for being authentic in who he is.

+1 gimmeabreak. Envy is not a becoming characteristic but haters gonna hate.

Gimme -

So, I take it you are a fan of a coach with the character of say, Pete "The Cheat" Carroll, who cheated for years and when caught ran away?

Way to build an intercollegiate program.

Your mother must be so proud of the values you espouse.

And let's not forget the "coverup of all time" at Penn State.
JoPa...feet of clay...and turned to a pillar of salt too!

Chip can be a jackass, but he gets the job done. The jury is still out on whether he has cut corners in the process. So I refuse to vote at this point. Bellotti isn't a bad person, so I don't see the need to dump on the guy for getting a sweet deal. Don't hate the player...hate the game.

Where's the evidence that Kelly attempted to cover it up?

The fake video of the prospects from a couple of years earlier. Guess you were so caught up in Duck fever that you missed it. It was a coverup, the consequences of which are still not settled. The university is blowing major, major legal fees trying to control the damage. Try to pay attention.

Nonny Mouse -- My values that you question are traditional American ones in which people are given the benefit of the doubt and not condemned first, charged later. Lord help us if the values YOU seem to espouse in our justice system were the American standard. Values in which guilt is presumed before the fact and public character assassination ensues.

Please enlighten us: What formal charges have been levied against Chip Kelly and/or the UO? What findings have been made and released? What adjudication has come of any of it?

Finally, how sad that you feel the need to pen an ad hominen attack on a fellow posterbecause you disagree with his/her position in a robust give and take on a reader response board.

"Meanwhile,you shameless trollers, "lesbian looking" Kelly wins games, conferences and bowls in his "lesbian" visor, while Mike Riley generally fails at same in his baseball cap. I'll go with the winner, and respect him for being authentic in who he is."

Your timing for denigrating Riley's coaching is a bit poor, don't you think? I've never heard a bad word about Mike Riley. I expect you'd find even the coaches you speak well of speak highly of him on the record or off.

Sally -- While Kelly was clearly denigrated -- uber-denigrated even with all that name calling -- I was not trying to denigrate Riley, and don't think I did. I'm mindful of OSU's good fortune this season so far, and was thus careful to say "generally fails." And that phrase was merely an objective factual comparison of Riley's recent season records with Kelly's. I have no quarrel with Riley, and even if I did I would not be making "lesbian" and other nasty personal references to him.

Gimmee - trying to compare Kelly's vs. Riley's win/loss record is asinine in the extreme, given the HUGE disparity in resources they are working with. Why bring up Riley in the first place?

@LarryLegend -- I won't even go there with the idea that UO wins more games based on resources. Nice excuse. But I'm not trying to make this a UO vs. OSU thing anyway. Brought up the Riley comparison cuz the anti-Kelly invectives in these posts were way over the top

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