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Saturday, September 22, 2012

First cocktail of fall

Last night we celebrated the end of summer with a Negroni. This evening, Scotch and soda ushered in the other side of the equinox. Equal parts Glenfiiddich and Whole Foods club.

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Now you're talkin'!

Try Dahlwinie 15 or Balvenie Double Wood.

Whole Wallet foo foo water?

You're a long way from Down Neck.

We acquired a home brew seltzer device last winter and we love it!
Kinda spendy at first but the CO2 cartridges are rerecycled and the credit you get toward the next one is OK. And the hassle of cans and bottles that must be carted home and back to the machines is eliminated.
The CO 2 cartridge for device is good for 60 liters of soda water. Being old, we use more water than Scotch these days.

Glenfiddich and soda???? Surely you jest? And yes Jack, I will call you Shirley. Soda diluting single malt is like mustard and ketcup on filet mignon. It's like what you call the Ducks' great SI cover -- "unsettling!!!"

Order yourself a Southern Comfort and coke while you explore REAL scotch savoring Jack....But I DO applaud your choice of Glenfiddich...And I like reading of the the travels, foods, outdoors and other things you savor...

Was wondering how long it would take for a self-styled expert to diss you for "adulterating" the single malt. Take it from me, the best drink is the one you like. Forget the "rules."

Nonny Mouse: actually the house brands (365) at Whole Foods are quite the bargain, and the quality is excellent.

Sure, there are also expensive brands for expensive tastes, too.

If you know what to shop for, Whole Foods can stretch you dollar quite a bit. Same goes for Trader Joes.

Now, diluting a good scotch? Only non-melting ice cubes for me.

Actually there are "experts" in the Scotch industry that say that a bit of water or ice enhanced the favors of single malts.

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