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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Public meetings violation could derail bonds

One of the serious questions we have about the light rail bonds that the Clackamas County commissioners are rushing to sell this coming week is whether they agreed to authorize the bonds in violation of the Oregon public meetings law. Interestingly, a similar issue is currently pending in a battle over a ballot measure on a tax being proposed by the water authority in the Santa Clara Valley.

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Why would a silly little thing like the open meetings law get in the way of the rogues?

Sure hope so. They need their hands slapped big time.

I guess if bond sales can be the same as the sale or leasing of land, then a public meeting is nothing more than an informal gathering.

"Creative Project Sustainability"

If everyone involved is getting something out of the sale, there is plenty of incentive to proceed, with or without all the Ts being crossed. Who's going to undo the deed after it's done? What enforcement needs to happen? How vulnerable are any of the commissioners to any real sanctions, even if sued? Is this a criminal or civil case? If this gets handed off to the state ethics commission, then they are all home free.

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