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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Once again, our readers are right on the money

After Monday night's football fiasco, one of our savvy readers, Usual Kevin, declared, "My bet is even odds that the brass will replace these scabs by sundown EST on Wednesday." It may have been a few hours after sundown, but sure enough, the referee lockout ended this evening.

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Talk about replacement ref fiascos -- now there's this -- God, please make it stop! --

Mike Love Sprinkles Some Bad Vibrations On Beach Boys’ Reunion Tour
By Wendy Geller | Stop The Presses! – 13 hours ago

I'm going to miss the replacement ref follies. There was a lot of entertainment value and suspense in watching them mill around and figure out what they were going to do on a big call. The result was totally unpredictable, and it was a little more fun than the usual stiff, corporate NFL.

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