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Monday, September 24, 2012

Wheels come off pro football

The pathetic scabs that the National Football League has brought in to officiate its games in the absence of its locked-out referees just blew a call that literally decided the contest between the Packers and the Seahawks. It was a dramatic play, in the end zone, and the whole country saw how wrong they were. The announcers are not shy about complaining about it, either. What a fiasco. The regular refs are crooked, but at least they're fairly convincing.

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Nothingn like a train wreck, twin towers, 2008 finacial crisis etc. to point out the arrogance and idocy of the "powers that be". The Seahawks have been on the wrong side of bad calls many a time. Karma"s a bitch so they say....Pete Rozelle is laughing his ass off right now.

Sorry for the typos....fat fingers and no spell check on this ipad thingy for some reason.

Any break in favor of that dishonest dirtbag Pete Carroll proves that there's no such thing as karma.

It was so bad it was legendary. We have just witnessed the Heidi game of 2012 - a game that will live on. All it needs now is a snappy name.

One thing that the announcers didn't point out is that even if the strike is settled with 12 games to go, or whatever, these blown games like the game tonight could change the outcome of this entire season. It's part of football history now.

Another component is the human factor when the regular refs finally come back. Will how they've been treated affect how they call the rest of the season?

What a mess.

The whole season has an asterisk on it now. And if I were either of the two clowns in the zebra costumes in the end zone, I'd be looking into a bodyguard. Vegas doesn't like this crap.

Let's put odds on how soon they will replace these refs! My bet is even odds that the brass will replace these scabs by sundown EST on Wednesday. A few of the replacements probably cleaned up in Vegas through brothers in laws and so forth tonight. The serious gamers are parking their money on the sidelines right now. Total f-ing disaster.

Not to get back to football, but at least the Packer coach admitted he was slow to adjust his strategy. Why do they have to go in at halftime before they realize their game plan isn't happening and change it?

The coach stood there and watched his quarterback get sacked 8 times in the first half. Don't wait 'til halftime - try a new scheme.

What are you guy's talking about? Looks like David Stern and his NBA have supplied the referees for the NFL. Everyday calls for the round ballers.
As they say "just move along nothing to see here"

Congratulations to Russell Wilson, the first NFL QB to throw a game winning interception... (Rim Shot)

Doesn't it feel like so many aspects of American life right now? We stare right at and we can see the problem, but the outcome is still all messed up. The people in charge are so intent on destroying things that it seems like it's on purpose.

Just relax and enjoy it. The NFL is now just more like the WWE. Why worry about fair competition when the PED situation is so obviously out of control?

Plus One Bill. (I think that's what you say when you agree with someone in the blogosphere.) After all the years of abuse and bad no-calls against the small market nobody Seahawks...I'm laughing my ass off! So they (the big market golden boys) get a taste of what it's like for a change...Somebody got robbed and screwed in professional sports...ha- ha- ha!!!

That was a horrific call, but calm down a little out there. Even with it's legendary history and following, Green Bay is not a "big market" team! GB metro pop.: 306,000 (152nd in rank); Seattle metro pop.: 3,400,000 (15th largest in U.S.).

Bill gave us a toss-up on naming this game, so to start it off:

"The Seattle Screw."

Mojo...I'm calling major BS on the whole "Green Bay is a small market team" when every other commercial is an Aaron Rogers "discount double check" experience. The Packers brand goes way beyond the population of its immediate metropolitan geographical area. BTW I thought you were going to be in the Underdog Pool this year...what gives?

Ah, nevermind the parsings of the "small market" distinctions, but you got a point, Usual K., about the re-running of last year's commercials starring the previous year's Super Bowl winners -- that's almost as offensive as the NFL's replacement refs horrorshow this year. Glad to see the Seahawks sack Rogers 8 times in the first half, anyway. Yeah, I was gonna jump into the pool, but on further review I decided that I have more fun doing those Best Bets blurbs.

And, hey, if the NFL owners don't direct their second-generation lawyer-commish Godell to come to terms with the refs, I may add a special feature: "Referee Wreck of the Week"

Waiting for Godell....

Roger Goodell’s Phone Number Leaks
1 min ago by Ryan Gaydos, RantSports.com

You want your voice to be heard? Give NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a call at his direct line. Here is his phone number: (212)-450-2027.

Goodell’s phone number was leaked about by Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, clearly frustrated after the blown call by the replacement referees during Monday night’s 14-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Matthews tweeted it out of frustration but the tweet has been subsequently deleted.

Read more at http://www.rantsports.com/clubhouse/2012/09/25/roger-goodells-phone-number-leaks/

Here's my pick (so to speak) for a name for this game:

The Monday Nightmare.

Puh-leeze, if you're telling me the regular refs don't blow calls (remember the Calvin Johnson catch that wasn't a TD?), I'm hard-pressed to buy that.

I realize that the current refs are letting defenses get away with too much crap, but I think youd have just as much controversy, unless you can tell me we've never had a player/coach gripe about a ref decision.

Besides the GB def bcak could've saved himself a lot of trouble if he just owu;d've knocked down the ball instead of going for stats.

It's only the guys in stripes who are subs - the video review folks are the "regular" crew, right? This play was reviewed extensively and the ruling on the field was not reversed. Other questionable calls were reversed on review (and correctly IMHO).

The guy who was sacked wasn't in the line of receipt. Seattle got hands on the ball before landing. And Seattle was the first to land. What was wrong with this call? Discuss.

doug - NFL Network reported last night that possession is not allowed to be reviewed. Not sure if that is right or not but it may explain why the call wasn't reversed.

I'm surprised nobody is blaming Paul Allen.

Couple of points:

1. Per Sports Illustrated/NBC football maven Peter King, the NFL has had "officiating supervisors" sitting in the booth reviewing the replay calls. It's fun to blame the scabs, but the blown call here was on the replay and final responsibility in this case rests with the representative of the league office, not the on-field crew.

2. Are these guys really that much worse than the veteran crews who've overseen such memorable moments as the Tuck Rule fiasco, or Ed Hochuli's famous inadvertent whistle that cost the Chargers a win over the Broncos in 2009?

The replacement refs take longer to screw up.


The call that should have been made had nothing to do with the catch/interception debate. Before the ball arrived, Seattle receiver Golden Tate pushed a Green Bay defender to the ground with a two-handed shove. That should have been flagged as offensive pass interference, ending the game right there.

1. I blame George Bush.

2. Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl.

final responsibility in this case rests with the representative of the league office

Yes, and that person obviously decided to back up the clowns on the field, to send a message to the real refs. Hideous.

Roger, besides Tate's push, there could have been interference called on the two Packers interfering with Seahawk's Charly Martin in this end zone scramble. Martin had a clear advantage to the ball with his eyes on the ball, but he got trampled. Look at the video.

Martin's number is 14, he's from Walla Walla.

The league that fired replacement refs
The NFL is using officials who weren't good enough for the Lingerie League, commissioner says.

And now union-busting Scott Walker is calling for reinstatement of the union refs. Too funny:


The NFL has apologized for blown calls before so this intransigence is clearly driven by the ref negotiations.

Their carefully worded statement avoids the fact that the "simultaneous catch" was not a simultaneous catch.

So instead of putting the matter to rest with an apology they doubled down on stupid and come off as arrogant schmucks.

Super Bowl XL.
February 5, 2006.
Ford Field, Detroit.
Pittsburgh – Seattle.

Bill Leavy. the head of the officiating crew admitted, on August 6, 2010:

“I kicked two calls in the fourth quarter and I impacted the game, and as an official you never want to do that. It left me with a lot of sleepless nights, and I think about it constantly. I'll go to my grave wishing that I'd been better ... I know that I did my best at that time, but it wasn't good enough ... When we make mistakes, you got to step up and own them. It's something that all officials have to deal with, but unfortunately when you have to deal with it in the Super Bowl it's difficult.”

"Referee of Seattle's Super Bowl Loss Admits Errors". ABC News. 2010-08-07;
Thiel, Art (2010-08-08). "Hey refs, get it right, even long after the fact". Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

I'm not at all convinced that the NFL replacement officials are any more of a problem than the regular crews. Not if the head of the supposedly best team of officials of 2006 admit,in 2010, that their blown calls changed the results in Superbowl XL.

While Leavy eventually came clean about the blown calls in the Superbowl, the NFL head office denies to this day that their was any bad officiating in that game.

I've also heard it said there was a roughing the passer call that was missed on the play, which had it been called would have given Seattle another shot at it, even with no time on the clock.

This was a bad call, no question. And the replacement refs are bad, no question. But the regular refs miss calls (how many times have we seen replays where there is obvious holding or pass interference that goes uncalled?), and every missed call could potentially change the game. I watched way too much coverage on ESPN the morning after, and I think the whole thing is overblown.

The funny thing about Vegas is this could have saved them millions. Green Bay was a 2.5 - 3.5 point favorite, meaning a straight bet (or moneyline) on GB would have paid had it been ruled an interception. The last call changed that. But popular teams (like GB, Dallas, New England) drive far more bets than "normal" teams, and actually move the betting line. In this case, I would bet millions more were bet on GB than on Seattle, making this a win for Vegas.

I had a couple of friends that were at the game Monday night.

The crowd was NOT shown a replay of the last play. They had to wait until they got home to see it again. Probably a good thing since she said the crowd went nuts. After seeing the replay, she thought a riot would of broken out if they had seen the replay at the stadium...

The NFL does need to fix up their review rules just a tad. The uncalled pass interference had a direct result in the final call.

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