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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nonstop charades

You know how you can tell when a decision has been made by the City of Portland? When they hand you a "proposed draft" of a "plan." More often than not, that means "done deal." And it certainly is true in this case, the Port of Portland bald eagle barbecue.

We noted with some amusement the latest appointment to the Port commission -- hailed by the governor for, among other things, "her demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship." We'll bet she won't make a peep about the destruction of wildlife habitat for another useless terminal in a second-rate location.

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"We will be having a council meeting and taking testimony from "stakeholders" regarding this proposal."

Translation: ONE side will be required to submit their testimony in writing ten days in advance and their oral presentation must not exceed 45 seconds and must not deviate from their pre approved script. NO Q & A will be permitted.

Not voting for any of the current crop for anything ever again. This item was at the top of the my list of reasons why until fluoridation. Up 'til then, I didn't hink it could be topped. The rationale for paving W Hayden Island boils down to, "We stole it fair and square" and our municipal executives have done nothing but scurry around trying to create justifications for it. So wrong.

One day I heard a Multnomah county commissioner say, "We'll have a public hearing on it Tuesday and pass it Thursday." She had no concept of what a public hearing was supposed to be about.

Those PoP posts are like those jobs on the Sopranos where the gang goes to the construction and plays cards all day.

Only thing with the Soprano jobs is the only damage they do is steal a paycheck.

BTW - If you think Kitz is dumb enough to appoint someone without knowing which way they lean, I'd ask Cylvia.

The new commish's background sends up red flags for me. Associated with at least two troubled companies (Nautilus and Gardenburger) and looks like she doesn't stay long at any of them. But she's connected. If the Port appointment didn't say that already, the Top 25 Influential Women certainly does. Success or failure is a distant second.

Ya' ever notice that the logo for the Development and Sustainability office is not unlike the old symbol for a pawnbroker, just inverted?

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