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Friday, September 21, 2012

Cry for help grows fainter

The O's still at it -- still trying to get us to subscribe:

That ad must be their attempt at irony. Because if there's anybody who isn't going to pay money to read last night's news on dead trees, it's a guy of that age with earbuds in his ears.

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On the positive side, we can look for an uptick in sales of bird cage liner.

I subscribed to the Oregonian for over 44 years. When I moved from NE Portland to Clackamas County a few weeks ago I cancelled my subscription. The paper unfortunately has digressed to pabulum sprinkled with ranting from left political ideology. The O used to be a powerhouse and was capable of real journalistic prowess and the editorials engaged in legitimate discussion. That is all gone today. I found myself using the paper only to read a few cartoons, working the crossword puzzle and clipping coupons from the Sunday edition. I had high hopes for the new Editor, Anderson, but nothing good happened. When I saw they brought Anna Griffin back, another super leftie, I said that’s it.

Here's another vote for dumping the O. I've read it for what seems like my whole life. I've decided that on the day after the election, I'm cancelling.

And its for the same reason as Mr. Benton...I'm tired of the hyper-liberal tripe and reprinted press releases from 4th and Main they're serving.

I'm still doing the cross words and Sudoku. I look for two cartoons and the t v sports schedule. Most of the paper has been something of a joke for several years.

It's now legal in Oregon to commit Publisher Assisted Suicide.

Editorial Board lead by Bob "broken moral compass" Caldwell. Writers that write left leaning opinion pieces and regurgitate pieces from WW, Mercury and NW Examiner. They couldn't pay me to read it.

Robert Caldwell is still leading the editorial board?? Now that would be something to see.

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