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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meteorological fact

Outside blog headquarters, yesterday afternoon around 5:30, it rained. Just a few drops, for about two minutes, amidst brilliant sunshine. It was the first rain we've seen in more than a month and a half. It really happened.

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Rain drops fell in Beaumont about the same time.

Not over here in NW; but we woke up one morning early this week to wet streets, and I don't think it was Randy flushing.

It rained Monday, just 5 days ago

Memory slipping a bit?

Same story along Prescott/Alberta around the same time. The Mrs. and I looked at each other for a second and said, "Is this rain?", like we'd never seen the stuff before. Another weird meteorological moment here in the NEP.

It rained Monday, just 5 days ago

Gong! Another correction of something I never wrote. I wrote that yesterday was the first rain that I had seen since July, which is true.

Perhaps it was condensate coming from a downwind bathhouse?

It was a short shower of big splatty drops that originated from one big cloud. I take full blame. I had just washed the car two hours earlier...

And one of those big ol' drops must have landed in the wrong place. There was a power outage in NE Portland in the Delta Park area, and we actually had to cancel softball games last night.

Gong! Correction! "It's the first rain we've seen". The ubiquitous "we". Well, we should (imho) include those of "us" who post here, and I for one can attest to two instances of rain before yesterday, in the past 5 months: One an actual accumulation of water in a lounge chair and Two, spatters of craters in the dust left from a recent sewer project on my property. So "we've" seen at least three instances, collectively, AFAIK. (No, I didn't see the rain that made the craters but circumstantial evidence and all that!)

Given the paucity of water from the skies, let's count all our blessings!

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