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Friday, September 14, 2012

Have a great weekend

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Jack, we're getting old, but what a great video.

One of the finest songbirds ever, and for the last weekend of the summer. Thanks, Jack!

This brought tears.

Wow haven't heard that for a while. The best version ever. Thanks jack

Did we ever wear skirts that short?

Were we ever that young?

Thanks for the memories! All of the above and more!

Oh my.

I first saw Judy Collins perform in the very early 60s in Boston.

I saw her again three years ago in Vancouver, WA., and two years ago in Vancouver, WA. at the end of August jazz "do" that they put on in Esther Short Park.

She was incredible 50 years ago and just as good two years ago.

She's also written 3 or 4 different "editions" of her autobiography. Not only a "memory lane" cruise through the 50s - 60s folk scene, a remarkable self examination, with no punches pulled, and exposition of a very interesting life.

Amazing artist.

Song by Ian Tyson.

Vocal by sweet Judy Blue Eyes.

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Steven Stills

Yes, and it was about her.

Yes, Sally, and even shorter. With our go-go boots!
Video makes me pine. For the sixties, seventies, my youth, and innocence, of which there is a great shortage these days.

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