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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a brand new day

We're breathless with excitement here at blog central. Today's the day we get a new garbage cart -- 60 gallons, twice the size of the one we've been using for the last eight years. If the Sam Rands are going to let them pick up our landfill garbage only every two weeks, we're going to use a can that's twice as big. We're also going to use heavy plastic garbage bags to avoid the unspeakable stench and maggots that we've been experiencing this summer under the Portland garbage new world order.

We're going back to composting our own vegetable scraps, and throwing the meat, grains, and paper towels in the landfill, the way we used to before last October. And after washing out the yard debris cart, we'll never put food slop in it again. We'll pay quite a bit more, and consume a little more, than we did under the old, eminently rational garbage pickup system. But life's too short to deal with foolishness. We work too hard to play games with the delusional people who hold the reins at City Hall.

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So exactly how much MORE does ONE, 60 gal garbage (every other week) cost than the old, 30 gal EVERY WEEK, cost?

And you are dropping the recycle and compost carts, right? EXACTLY what I've been thinking.

Jack, the folks at North Plains will thank you. The putrid stench driving by on Hwy 26 last Thursday and Sunday was disgusting.

I bet you could do better than the Mafia run Portland system by purchasing your own 60 gallon roller for around $100. Use heavy duty bags and hire one of the junk hauling services to stop by once a week and pick up.

Stenchy cannot be pleased about this turn of events.

you are dropping the recycle and compost carts, right?

Oh, no. We'll continue to recycle in the blue bin, the way we always have. And we'll use the green bin (after we clean it out) for yard debris only. We'll keep feeding our worms the vegetable scraps.

I believe our garbage rate will go up by about $10 a month. We're also going to invest in some stout plastic garbage bags at a few bucks a month. The price we pay for electing bullies and idiots.

The new can is out there right now, just gleaming in the sun. Oh, the joy.

"But life's too short to deal with foolishness."

Not to mention the stench.

I thought Stenchy the rat was kinda cute, but I was miles away from the stench.

No more foolishness. No more stench. All for an extra $10 per month. Such a deal.

It would be interesting to know if Goodwill has experienced an increase in donations that really ought to just go in the trash. I've got some old pillows that should be thrown away, but there's never room in my garbage can at the end of 2 weeks. It would be simple to just pass them off to Goodwill.......but I won't.

I was woken up Monday Morning about 3am by the parade of folks taking a midnight stroll and stopping to look through everybody's recycling bin along our street. There were probably 6+ people going through everyone's garbage. I don't know when it started, but it woke me up about 3am and went on until 5pm, we are a very middle-lower income neighborhood. I am concerned with this activity eventually attracting vandals.

Have you tried those compostable bags for the food waste?

Cheers and kudos to you for stopping the insanity. Spread the word and convince others to follow your lead. I would love to see the 'garbage fondling' experiment fail. And I don't even live in Portland.

Stenchy's not leaving -- just moving to bigger digs!

Has anyone figured out how much revenue our city may have made on this as a result of this change?
Anything they do now makes me wonder what is in it financially for them? It may even be more money available for their pet projects such as sending more money for Milwaukie light rail, etc.

The point of this seems to be to hand food slop over to a private company that processes and sells the compost at a profit. The city claims to get nothing out of it. It's the Portlandian coalition of "green" and greed, probably with somebody being paid off somewhere in the chain.

As the slop goes, so goes _____ (fill in your favorite. Mine is fluoride)

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