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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is Fukushima killing the Alaskan seals?

And if it is, how long will it be before any government authority in either Japan or the United States admits the truth?

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And not many King Salmon this year in Alaska either.
The BBC ran an article about the serious decline on their web page yesterday.

Authored by "George Washington," eh? It's no wonder that I'm having a hard time taking this "report" seriously.

Hey it's time for a race for prezident , we can't talk about anything that matters. The japanese have destroyed the north pacific , but hey we are serious about those iran dudes getting a nuke. They might put it in a seismic zone next to a tsunami area. So forget ever eating or catching tuna or salmon again in your lifetime.

Japan's Government announced that the amount of Cesium released that March from the Nuclear Power Plant at Fucushima was 4047x the amount released in the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima... and the transportation of Nuclear Waste for Hanford is planned to go through our freeways (I5 and 84). This will have a collateral damage of (Government estimates) 800 deaths from radiation poisoning... NO NUKES RALLY this Sunday at 1pm... Couch and waterfront at the Remembrance Memorial. http://nonukesnw.wordpress.com/

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