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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feds wimp out on Portland police brutality

Yes, the federal Justice Department knows that Portland police are illegally beating, Tasing, and even killing mentally ill people, but what are the feds going to do about it? Require independent oversight of the police bureau? No. Simply, wimply no.

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I think this comment in the WW article cuts to the heart of the issue using objective criteria:

Such a change would put the Bureau’s outdated approach in line with nationally recognized standards. That has not happened.

Hey, the feds like brutality just as much as the local police.
I'm no fan of the folks targeted here, but flash grenades and assault rifles are overkill when looking for literature.

Whether or not anything really changes remains to be seen. Currently a progressive liberal administration sits in the White House, and Portland is a "model city" of progressive liberal causes, where apparently the end justifies any means as long as collateral damage can be swept under the rug.

What might be interesting to follow is the near-future career of U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez.

Amusing. Some here exhort others to "hold their nose" and vote for Obama - despite the fact that he publicly stated last year that he has "full authority" to order the killing of anyone he perceives to be a threat (this following criticism for droning Americans).

Yet Portland cops are horrible.

It'd be nice if at least someone took a stab at being consistent.

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