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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fluoridation: It's expensive

A reader points us to this story out of Sacramento from a couple of months ago:

According to a study by the city's Department of Utilities, annual operation and maintenance costs for the city's fluoridation program have nearly tripled, from $350,000 when it started 12 years ago to nearly $1 million in recent years.

What's more, a city study last year found the system's infrastructure in need of immediate upgrades, to the tune of up to $3.7 million. Over the next 20 years, the city estimates it will cost between $43 million and $48 million to operate and maintain the fluoridation system and replace needed equipment.

More fuel for the fire in Portlandia.

Comments (20)

Cheaper than not fluoridating, though. You can look it up .

Costs of treatment for over-fluoridation? Costs of long-range effects of fluoride ingestion?

We're signing the petitions and voting against fluoridation.

Fireman Randy doesn't care about your teeth and much as he wants to hand another eight figures to his Carollo-type backroom buddies.

Calgary Canada recently opted out of fluoridation and increased costs, expecting to invest another $6 million in infrastructure related to fluoridation.
The acidic/corrosive nature of the fluoride chemicals are adding unexpected costs. Include the toxic Arsenic, Lead and Mercury (NSF 2012)found in the industrial-waste fluoride chemicals and the pro-fluoride argument evaporates rapidly.

The way PWB has been handling this makes me think that the decision has already been made and contracts inked.

Allan - The CDC is a revolving-door industry-controlled propaganda machine.

I can't believe this is all about money - Isn't Fluoride one of the main components of Paxil and Prozac?

For that kind of money the city could provide free dental care for every Portlandia resident.

Cheaper to target the fluoridation where it might be most efficient, in the schools.
Like we already do.

The CDC is a revolving-door industry-controlled propaganda machine.

A devastating substantive critique!

For that kind of money the city could provide free dental care for every Portlandia resident.

Here you go!

Surely, our council must have seen or heard about the negative aspects of a fluoridated community. So, what would the real reason be that these career politicians including the candidates for Mayor now, Charlie and Jefferson would ever want fluoride in our water system? Take a look at this website and then tell me why our decision makers wouldn’t run 1000 miles away from this instead of embracing fluoride. Looks to me to be another go along to get along with some insider’s agenda. We need to keep this stuff out of our pipes and bodies. (Those who want or need fluoride - suggested use - topical applications)


Allen: drink the water, drink the kool-aid, replace your plumbing - let the rest of us alone. Best application, by all science available, is topical. Why force everyone to drink it?

This fluoride agreement was a "done deal" months ago. There is totally NOTHING residents, voters, lawyers or anyone can do about it. "Forget it, Jake, it's Pornland".

Well, if that is the case, can we surmise that careers are more important to these politicians than the overall well being and health of our community? They are all in on the "done deal?" They are willing to drink this? Or do they think as long as
THEY can afford to buy bottled water, buy what they "think" they need and damn with the rest of the people??
Seriously, would we trust a Sam Adams, Randy Leonard to be capable to prescribe medication for us?


Both Hales and Smith said they support putting fluoride in the city's water. Most in the crowd applauded that, although a few "boos" could be heard throughout the crowd.

"I believe that fluoridation is a public health responsibility, and that we should fluoridate our water," Hales said.

"To me the public health evidence, as I've tried to peel it away, seems pretty, pretty clear that fluoridation is far better (than not having it in the water)," Smith said.

Very scary here. What else would "Dr. Charlie" think is a public responsibility to prescribe for our community?? Do these two read anything other than what they are told?
Heaven help us if this is the caliber of people making decisions for us!

Follow the money trail. This is not about the teeth!
Not to put everyone in the same basket,
I do believe there are innocent ones who have been convinced otherwise.

Don't misunderstand, clinamen. I think this fluoride "deal" is too expensive, too intrusive, too dictatorial, too unilateral, inefficient, unnecessary, and NOT the business of local government.

The votes to cinch this "deal" were probably sealed in trade for SOMETHING a year or more ago. The "someday I'll ask a favor of you..." and that day is now.

But our community now sees nothing wrong with failing at basic services but want more invasive services "because it's good for you and we know better".

My family has roots going back in Portland to the late 1800's but I'm leaving... as soon as I can pack up and get a decent price on my fully paid for house.

And I'm just wasting my breath bitchin about it.

The average age of Portland's water delivery pipes is over 75 years. As Sacramento's pipes are proving, they can't take the fluoride, nor can ours. Portland's replacement costs are not being fairly factored in. And it isn't cheap when it take 12 guys watching one to even repair a minor water leak.

As we write, many are collecting those signatures to put this issue to a vote.
I do understand, the whole scene here is more than frustrating. It does almost seem like a divide in our community, those who have lived here for years and can see the downward spiral and those who have benefited somehow from the agenda and want it to continue. Many are planning to leave, where would all the folks who are thinking this move to? I have quite a bit of angst over this myself, but found that being active does help. It is difficult when it seems the career politicians are against us, who knows why they are so inept or corrupt, but it is disgusting.
Don't just waste your breath bitchin, consider helping:
Take care.

You triggered a memory, LW. You are right. 75 years old

A few phrases that stick out:

Buckman Sink Hole Dec 2006
20 feet deep
30 ft wide 40 ft long (how big is your lot?)
broken water main
broken gas main
324 feet sewer main
Built 1924
totally unexpected
cause unknown
two hospitalized
determining how to stabilize.


It's so easy to refute any 'evidence' of beneficial effects of water fluoridation. I can’t believe folks like Allan L. can’t see the light. Why? Because we can look at 95% of Western Europe, where water fluoridation does not take place, and nearly all of those countries have the same or lower rates of dental carries than the USA - where fluoridation takes place. The fact is, since the 1950s dental carries have declined across the board regardless of fluoridation. I invite any who believe fluoridation to be necessary to refute this. You can read a good summary here: http://www.fluoridealert.org/issues/caries/who-data/

The fact is folks in Europe live longer and are healthier than Americans. Furthermore, this study by Harvard, although observational, shows lower IQ in children where water fluoridation takes place. You can read that here: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/features/features/fluoride-childrens-health-grandjean-choi.html

But the biggest issue to me is that it’s simply compulsory medication. You want – you put it in your own water. I have the right to drink water free of fluoridation which has never been proven to work in a double blind study. A good summation of studies that show fluoride’s ineffectiveness and how dental carries have dropped in countries all around the world regardless if they fluoridated or not, can be read here: http://www.fluoridation.com/caries1.htm

This is case where dental carries have dropped around the world and fluoride proponents try to credit fluoridation. This is simply not the case as we can easily see thanks to Western Europe. I fear this is generational and we’ll have to wait for those brainwashed folks from the 1950s to 1970s move on before we can stop this anarchic practice in the USA. In the end though the science will win and this practice will stop, no matter how many lobbyist this industry has.

Early (and Later) estimates are always low, sometimes by chance. NOT the way to bet, though.

Here is what's going on in the Seattle area. Another attorney is fighting this and running for Lieutenant Gov. just so he can fight it, among other things. He feels that officials are largely just entrenched with no reason to 're-think'.


The PCC stores in the Seattle area filter all their water with an ionization filter using a 7-part process from a local co. It's not easy to get rid of.

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