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Monday, September 24, 2012

Boycott Metro?

It's amazing that in blue, blue Portlandia, the Metro government and the city are getting in bed with a giant hotel corporation that's got this going on. It's sort of like green, green Portlandia doing this. It's called hypocrisy. Portland leaders have plenty of principles, until there's money on the line for the construction boys.

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You are not really surprised by this hypocrisy are you?
It is ALWAYS about the money!
Nothing to see here, please move along....

Boycott Metro?
Wouldn't that be like trying to boycott the Catholic Church in 14th century Spain?

Maybe start by all in solidarity quit going to the Portland Zoo -- including the concerts.

The suburbs need to one by one vote and de-annex themselves out of Metro and TriMet.

Right now, Metro is just a backdoor way for Portland City Hall to interfere with the autonomous operations of other city governments.

Only Portland would be stupid enough to get snookered into subsidizing a scab hotel that is the object of an international boycott. Geniuses! This one is almost as good as Randy obligating the City to pay a portion of the wages for Young Paulson's private non-union, "temporary" employees.

Time for an initiative petition to abolish Metro.

Problem is most people don't have a clue what Metro is or what is does.

Mr. Grumpy for the win. Thanks for the laugh.

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