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Monday, September 3, 2012

First underdogs unleashed tomorrow

We've been getting a fine response to our invitations to the fourth season of our charity underdog game, in which players get to try to pick one victorious pro football underdog every week, and charities wind up the winners at season's end. All proceeds go to charities of the winners' choices.

The big daddies of the NFL get going this Wednesday night, and so we'll have our first lines up tomorrow. If you're interested in getting involved, check out the official rules here, and then send an e-mail message to our underdog address (underdog@bojack.org) for further instructions on how to enter. Players, we must have your entry fee by the 12th, or else your picks won't count until after we get it. But hard as it is to believe, the pickin' for another year starts in the morning!

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