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Monday, September 3, 2012

A tale of two torches

Man, that giant Hayden Island hotel fire reminds us of the Chinese girl who broke all the records at the Olympics. They're saying "arson" about as fast as they said "doping."

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Let's see -

Vacant since 2005

CRC wanting the land

Buyer wanting to purchase at less-than-market

City condemns with Randy's 'U'

Jantzen Beach demo and overhaul -

Started at 2 AM Sunday on Labor Day Weekend

5 of 6 building in the complex destroyed

Nothing to see here folks, move along!

I wonder how this will affect the property value when it is purchased for the new crc bridge alignment.

While I can't see some one connected being stupid enough to torch it, unless they already bought off the correct parties, what I can see is them sorta leaving the door unlocked and having people squat.

Cooking and heating fires will eventually put the building down. Store some flammable chemicals there for bonus points. That's all just fun speculation though.

I saw the building 8am Sunday morning. Such complete devastation across multiple buildings is pretty fishy.

Does anyone here remember the fire that cleared the old warehouses and piers from between the Broadway Bridge and the Steele Bridge? That was on a Thanksgiving weekend about 1984. They said transients built warming fires on the creosote soaked wooden floors of the old buildings. About a year later there were some very cool apartments and condos in place.

Sounds like serendipity!

And the water to the sprinkler system was turned off.

Condemning some empty dirt is much cheaper than a bunch of buildings. It will be curious to see what sort of things get claimed as having been "stored" there.

The old Forestry Building from the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition was also an other long rumored arson job. The DOP was going to have to move it at great expense. Very conveniently there was a massive fire that solved the problem.

Cynical, you are. Voted for those turkeys, likely you did. Deserve it, you do.

Of course it was arson.

The only question is:
Was it someone that OWNED it?
Or someone that WANTED it?
Or someone that DIDN'T LIKE it?
Or someone that was LIVING in it?

And I doubt they'll ever be able to prove the WHO.

Soon the investigation will be over, which will be inconclusive, of course. When they begin clearing away the hotel fire rubble, you will notice all excavation work will be focused on preparing the site for the new bridge construction. The CRC Mafia has it all planned. Sunday's fire was the first step. Those who will make a fortune on the project will see to it.

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