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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cry me a river

The school superintendent out in Beaverton is crying the blues about how exhausted his teachers and staff already are because of the budget cuts out there. Gee, the school board wasn't so worried about the budget when they supported that city's "urban renewal" pork program, which robs money from schools and other public services throughout the region to hand over to real estate sharpies for cr-apartments. Pardon us if we have no sympathy for the school super or his minions.

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The Beaverton School CFO, said that loosing about $4 million dollars wouldn't affect the district. What was she smokin'?
Meanwhile "the Don" collects his six figure salary. No problem there.

I bet a 10% pay cut for all in the "top step" would help pay for a ton of recent grads to teach, but no, unacceptable to the union.

I think they should spend more time learning how to add:

More revenue for UR BS = less money for Schools.

Class Dismissed.

Thank the Don!

Jack, Ten-HUT! Attention to Orders! Full pardon is granted to Jack Bog for his Outstanding Lack Of Sympathy! Dis-MISSED!

We live in unincorporated Washington County, but within the Beaverton School District boundry. We have even less sympathy than you Jack!

Sam L., Jack has more sympathy for teachers than your remark. Recognizing the Urban Renewal theft shows sympathy.

My wife is a special ed teacher in Washington. Her district quit buying toner for classroom printers (due to budget cuts).

Each teacher must buy toner with personal funds or (no, I'm not joking), they press the print button and send a teacher's aide/parent to go down to the central printer in the office and pick through the piles of other people's stuff.

I've shared a printer with two others that work nearby, and we were frequently picking up the others' documents by mistake. Imagine the chaos with dozens of teachers, most of whom can't leave their classroom to pick up their printing, so it sits there for hours.

Washington and Oregon classrooms have suffered from nearsighted budgeting and mismanagement for years. It's not just a problem of too little funding, but too much being spent outside the classroom.

Beaverton Schools...aren't these the folks that blew 6 figures on pizza-cutting machines a few years ago - and then shelved them because they slices were too big?

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