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Thursday, September 20, 2012

33rd and Broadway gridlock will feature New Seasons

The trendy Portland-area grocery store chain sure knows how to pick locations. It's supposedly going to jump in at Fremont and Williams, where legions of bikes and cars already have a fairly scary co-existence. And now it's revealed that they're going to be the anchor tenant if the apartment bunker boys get their way and slap up human warehousing at the already difficult intersection of 33rd and Broadway. As a giant Fred Meyer (currently under expansion) is just across the street, and QFC is just a short block away, it's hard to imagine what yet another grocery store is going to add to the neighborhood. One thing's for sure -- it will be a must-avoid corner if you're trying to get anywhere in a car.

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"...it will be a must-avoid corner if you're trying to get anywhere in a car."

All part of the plan.

I see Mayor Sam has abandoned his "Food Deserts" yabba gabba from a couple years ago...you'd think his Planning & Sustainability Ministry would not allow more grocery stores in an area already saturated with grocery stores, so that they will build stores in areas of Portland's city limits that are lacking.

New Seasons must have money to burn, or they are going into debt to finance all these new stores. They are going to find out soon that oversaturation is going to really hurt their business model. Zupan’s found that out a few years ago.

Admittedly, QFC is not much of a grocery store.

New Seasons has big Dunthorpe-type money behind it now. Bean counters in distant locations are no doubt doing some of the planning.

QFC is not much of a grocery store.

It's a stripped-down food section of Fred Meyer, with everything marked up by a dime. But if all you need are basic industrial-strength foodstuffs, it's great.

That intersection is a nightmare. IMHO New Seasons is the pits. Bread:horrible Meat counter: Reeks Dry goods such as crackers/cookies, etc: Stale most of time and a well known chef giving a cooking class said they have worst fish of any market.

Gorgeous wave photo by the way.

Don't you also have a convenience store going in on the NW corner of 33rd and Broadway?


I thought that they were having enough traffic trouble just with the apartments. Now there will be a New Seasons? I have to drive through that intersection regularly unfortunately.

In defense of QFC, they have better quality meat, vegetables, and fruit than Freddy's. Where FM gets B or C level foods, QFC is getting A or B quality from the providers.

They both share Kroger-branded foods and QFC can be more expensive there, but not always.

I find that I have to buy some things from one store and other things from another. So adding another grocery store in the same area is not totally a bad thing.

Traffic-wise, that is a bad corner for any more traffic because this city has really poor North/South traffic flows.

Grocery stores in that neighborhood jumped the shark when I became too old to get free cookies at Kienow's.

I wouldn't worry, Grant Park usually is the home for a lot of the people who really think planning and high-density living is the way to go and vote accordingly.

They deserve it more than the rest of us, especially those backwards animals in Clack County that vote down things like light rail and wanna live like cavemen.

Dude, I was hoping they would make a more accessible freeway on ramp... Pretty idiotic to place high volume people and parking practically in the freeway on ramp... another way to attempt to lobotomize drivers, butt palm of hand to head.. constant aggravation & apprehension creates collisions.... car wins over bike... bike wins over walker... walker is aggressive and kicks back... fight ensues... 33rd and Broadway jammed... no one gets home on time... Frustrated, the weakest link has a bat!

Hey dm, which whole foods do you work at?Or is it a Zupans????

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