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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big 'dog gets away

The Arizona Cardinals, 13½-point underdogs to the New England Patriots, won their game today.

None of the players in our charity game picked them to win.

UPDATE, 4:58 p.m.: St. Louis (3) wins, but once again, none of our players are on it. Seattle (3) also won; "Pete Rose's" attempted entry of the Seabirds is currently under review.

UPDATE, 10:08 p.m.: The Sunday night 'dog goes down in flames, leaving six players chasing 3 points tomorrow night with Denver in Atlanta.

UPDATE, 9/17, 9:07 a.m.: "Pete Rose" has produced sufficient credible evidence to convince us that he really did pick Seattle, and really did try to email us in a timely way. Players, please note: After you submit your weekly pick to the underdog mailbox, please check for a confirmatory email message from the game; if it doesn't get there, let us know at the blog email address, here.

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Be careful if you're out past 205 tonight, folks. They may be burning cars...

"Charlie Hustle" sure knows how to play the point spreads, it's almost not fair for the rest of us. Where is John Dowd when you need him?

Yes, be sure to give this Pete Rose a close inspection. Why would he choose such a pseudonym if he didn't have a guilt-ridden suspect history? There are rumors this Pete Rose might even be a Canadian!

How ever you do it, please don't rely on a replacement ref to make the call on that email play, Jack.

Finally someone believes in me! Could reinstatement and Baseball Hall of Fame be far behind???
The "Real" Pete Rose

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