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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Been there, done that

There are echoes of the Portland Christmas tree lighting bomb plot in this story out of Chicago.

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War on drugs trying to send up every US kid who takes $$ for a share of his pot. War on terror trying to to send up every US kid who can be talked into some stupid stunt with explosives. I'm trying to imagine the number of American boys with no experience of drinking beer and blowing things up. Follow the logic of all this and the only ones not in jail will be the Steve Urkells. My head hurts.

That's EXACTLY what I thought when I heard the radio news.

I guess it's encouraging (in a way) to know home grown jihadis are well... stupid. Any guesses how many more they can catch on the same bait?

Remember that (43 page PDF) 2011 PEW RESEARCH study:


that claimed of the est 4.6 million US Muslims, "... 21% of Muslim Americans say there is a great deal (6%) or a fair amount (15%) of support for extremism in the Muslim American community."

"...40% of native-born African American Muslims believe that there is at
least a fair amount of support for extremism among U.S. Muslims"

I guess "less talkin, more fishin..." is in order. Can't catch a fish unless your line is baited and in the water.

It sounds as though the feds have a cookie cutter that they're using in the "War on Ter."

But that doesn't prevent the news readers from getting all excited when they tell the story of the sting.

I can't picture how such allegations of 'terr plots' are credible except unless its a group of plotters who know each other, for some extended time, in some deep mutual sympathy. Otherwise it's illegal cop instigation and entrapment, seems to me. I mean how does it start? What, you're like riding the bus, and some stranger comes along disguised in clothes like yours, leans to whisper and says psssst, wanna do a terr plot? It just seems to me that anyone of their own volition who is seriously planning an actual Big Plot, clandestine and subversive, is not going to recruit a stranger to it after the scheme is set in motion. The other arrangement, which this story sounds like it is, when somebody is planning nothing until a stranger comes along and proposes something, seems tilted toward entrapment or coercion to teach and train kids to act criminal in order to further job security for criminal catchers.

It goes back to, like, when USSR dissolved overnight and totally ended any 'communist threat' for which billion$ were being spent to 'contain.' Immediately Bush41 announced there'd be a "peace dividend" of savings (and rebate) coming to American taxpayers since steroid'ed hyper spies and half the military could be laid off and downsized, no longer needed in a world (peaceful?) without The Communist Menace [intoned with reverb]. But those public employees unions in DefenseDept soon (before FY budget ran out) 'discovered' a brand new 'replacement' enemy supposed to be terrifying ... and whipped 'em into fighting shape post-haste.

It Truly Is Time To Abolish The Treasonous FBI, July 17, 2009 -- THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT OF EDITORIAL OPINION REPRESENTS THE ANALYSIS OF THE EXECUTIVE EDITOR, Rumor Mill News The following article makes many accurate statements in regard to the FBI's incompetence, however it opines that the FBI failed to stop the terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, when there is evidence that the FBI was a party to this bombing.

The FBI failed to predict the bombing attack against the World Trade Center in 1993, despite having penetrated the plotters.

The FBI cannot be reformed. It cannot be disciplined. It cannot be counted as being reliable any more. It cannot be trusted in this new age .... The fact that most FBI agents and employees are not seditious ingrates, incompetents, or treasonable felons is irrelevant: the leadership and the managerial ranks are rife with foul treachery and disgraceful feather-bedding. It's too late to fix this system, too late to retrofit the management: suspend the worst offenders and investigate the seditions, the Treasons and the planned incompetence of the language division and then move quickly to fire the entire upper tier of the Famous But Incompetent management structure.

File the indictments now. Find the traitors, now. Fire them immediately upon their convictions for sedition, misprision of felonies and Treason.

The public employees 'job security' m.o. has gone on for decades as police 'protection' racket; there's a pattern of no actual autonomous 'enemies' groups operating, only baited entrapped ones.

...and they start grooming them when they're juveniles, but schedule the big finale for shortly after they hit adult liability. Your tax dollars at work.

"...and they start grooming them when they're juveniles, but schedule the big finale for shortly after they hit adult liability. Your tax dollars at work."

I thought this was going to end up a Sam Adams joke.

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